Information about the construction and installation of profiles pipe
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Information about the construction and installation of profiles pipe

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The connection methods of profiles pipe  mainly include sealing rubber rings, bonding, and flange connection. Pipes with a diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm generally use rubber ring joints; pipes with a diameter less than 100 mm generally use adhesive joints, and some use live joints. When the pipeline crosses the sewer or other pipelines, metal pipes are generally used. At this time, the plastic pipe and the metal pipe are connected by flanges. The connection between the front and back of the valve and the pipeline is also flanged. Next, let us understand the construction and installation information of profiles pipe . Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Information about construction and maintenance.

l Information about pipe installation.

Information about construction and maintenance.

When solvent bonding is used for small-diameter profiles pipe , the spigot must be rounded to form a bevel, and to ensure that the fracture is flat and has a vertical axis. Only in this way can the bonding be firm and prevent water leakage. Generally, profiles pipe with a pipe diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm use apron joints. Before installation, personnel must be arranged to chamfer the pipe socket and check whether the quality of the rubber ring is qualified. The sockets, rubber rings, etc. must be wiped clean during installation. Generally, branch pipes of  profiles pipe can be split with a tee or vertical stopper. During construction, a saddle-shaped fitting and half a two-in-three link can be added and clamped with U-shaped bolts. This thickens the tube wall. Then directly drill holes on it, and then use externally threaded plastic parts to connect it out. The test shows that the pressure test acceptance after construction with this method can fully meet the requirements of the specification. In addition, thrust piers should be set at the positions where the water flow in the pipe generates thrust, such as elbows, tees, and pipe end sealing plates to withstand the thrust of the water flow.

Information about pipe installation.

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of profiles pipe , brackets should be used to put the profiles pipe on them to ensure that the pipes are not placed in random places and are stepped on by people. The pipe can be used cleanly, and it can also prevent sludge residue in the pipe. Before installation, the layout of the construction pipeline should be checked clearly, not only to be neat but also to ensure that the structure is strong and unobstructed. During installation, the profiles pipe should be handled with care to avoid damage during transportation, and pay attention to stones or silt staying in the profiles pipe. After the installation is complete, perform a pressure test for some time, and then check that there is no water leakage at each interface during the test. If it is found, it needs to be replaced immediately.

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