Meaning of the Krah Pipe
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Meaning of the Krah Pipe

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Krah pipes

The Krah Pipe is formed by thermal winding high density polyethylene (HDPE) winding structure wall tube. The Krah Pipe is made of high density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adopts the hot winding poplar process, and adopts the polypropylene (PP) single wall corrugated pipe as the supporting structure to produce the special structure wall pipe with high resistance to external pressure. 

Krah Pipe products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ and VW series, among which: PR, OP - mainly used for underground pipes, SQ - mainly used in the manufacture of container or CMC, VW - is mainly used for tee, elbow, secondary processing and forming of pipe fittings. 

The product is most used in PR series, the product inside surface is smooth, external adds structure to the special shape pipe standard length is 6 meters, pipe diameter range for 12 - DN4000, product indexes meet the GB/T 19472. 2-2004 type B structure wall tube and PREN - 13476 European standard requirements.

This kind of Krah Pipe line was originally introduced from German Krah company by domestic companies, so it is commonly known as Krah Pipe in China. The official name of this kind of pipe in China is: high-density polyethylene structure wall hot-wound pipe, and the national standard is GB/T 19472.2-2004 B type structure wall pipe. 

Krah Pipe is a kind of environmental protection and safety product, with light weight, strong bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, convenient construction and other advantages, widely used in urban water supply, drainage, long-distance water transmission and irrigation projects. Diameter from dn300-dn4000, the pipe weight is light, the overall flexibility is good, is currently buried sewage drainage preferred main pipe.

The performance characteristics of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe wound wall tube (Bauku Pipe) are as follows:

1. High quality of thermal winding welding seam

The flat material belt and u-shaped material belt extruded from the die of the extrusion molding machine in the melting state are evenly wound on the heated roller mold according to the predetermined position to ensure the quality of the welding seam of the structure wall pipe. Especially in the structural design, the welded joint of flat material belt is covered by polyethylene coated support pipe, which improves the overall anti-pressure ability of the product.

2. Excellent installation performance

The pipe is connected by the technology of embedded electric fuse at the socket and socket with high quality. Can achieve 100% without leakage, ensure the same life of the Krah pipe line system and the safety of operation. At the same time, because the product under the condition of the same application than other tube light weight, easy to transport, construction is convenient and quick, can reduce the construction cost, in the range of application, without concrete cushion layer and concrete jaasiel groove can directly apply the tube after qualified, basically stay do under excavation, side tube, while backfilling, simplifies the construction procedures, shortening the time limit for a project. When the project is checked and accepted, the closed air test is used instead of closed water test, which not only speeds up the checking and accepting speed, but also saves the complicated work and a lot of test cost.

3. Good flexibility of HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe

High-density polyethylene winding structure wall pipe has good flexibility on the macro level, while the local pipe section has strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, which can ensure safe passage when used under heavy load road surface. Due to the flexibility of the HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe, the damage loss of the Bauku Pipe can be reduced to the minimum during the geological activities such as earthquake and uneven surface subsidence, thus improving the ability of the public facilities to resist earthquakes and reduce disasters.

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