New development of HDPE profile spiral wounded pipe machine
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New development of HDPE profile spiral wounded pipe machine

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Multi-layer co-extrusion spiral pipe (Krah pipes) machine

         Krah pipes machine

         Nowadays In many application fields, water pressure is not high such as irrigation and low pressure drainage. The pressure is less than 4bars. For such application, it is not good to use the HDPE plain pipe, since the ring stiffness of 4 bar pipe is not strong, for example, DN1000, pressure is 4bars, PE-80, the wall thickness is 30mm. The pipe weight is 87kg/m. The ring stiffness is just 2kN/m2. It cannot be buried in deep soil.

        Eagle Co developed multi-layer co-extrusion spiral pipe (Krah pipes) machine to solve above problem. Please see the structure FIG.1. There are three or four sets of extruders. Each extruder has its own function to produce each layer.

    Bauku pipe machine

        There are three layers for the inner wall. Inner and outer layer is HDPE material. The middle layer is fiber reinforced composite material.

         For this design, the inner wall thickness can be 15mm. With the much lower weight, the ring stiffness can be more than 8 kN/m2 and pressure is 4 bars. The pipe weight is less than 80kg/m.


   With new development, the new machine can produce the pipe with high competitive advantage to save cost and increase the performance.

        HDPE spiral winding pipe





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