Notes for Buried Installation of Krah Pipes
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Notes for Buried Installation of Krah Pipes

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Installation of Krah Pipes

Nowadays there are some inferior false Krah pipes in the market, although the price is cheap, but the practicality is different from the true Krah pipes. Therefore, we hope that people can have better quality assurance, we suggest that we still choose and buy regular manufacturers of high-quality HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe

Next, I will tell you about the things that need to be paid attention to when the construction of Krah pipes buried in order to make the project achieve better results.

The pipe is a kind of using hot winding of high density polyethylene as raw material to produce a kind of high strength steel tubes. The winding type of process has high strength. It is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, environment, you can use any occasion Krah pipes commonly used above the handle of the drainage pipe, also can be used for irrigation, urban drainage, factory waste water pollution and so on the field. In the field of application was welcomed by the masses of customers.

Notes for buried installation of Krah Pipes

1. Design drawing of Krah Pipe. 

Before the embedded installation of the cladding pipe, the design drawing of the cladding pipe should be made in advance to avoid the phenomenon that the slope of the drainage pipe is not well mastered and the drainage is not smooth due to the insufficient slope.

2. Check the Krah Pipe. 

The pipeline branch of the clapper must be equipped with an inspection well, and the trench of the pipeline should be tamped, and there should be no leakage. Where there is leakage and water seepage, the pipeline settlement will occur in the process of use, which will lay a potential safety hazard for the road. Therefore, the inspection of the clapper is very important.

3. Check the well with the clapper pipe. 

Check the well setting to be reasonable, convenient for later blockage when desilting.

4. Check the details before the lower part of the Krah Pipe. 

Before carat pipe down, must be in accordance with the standards of products to review, must want to check one by one section, after all is buried on the ground, do not conform to the standard of carat tube, certainly will have some quality problem, so for carat pipe under the previous check, it is very crucial, any problems, are not under the pipe laying.

5. Design of Krah Pipe groove. 

Is the diameter size and groove design and construction of machines and equipment, make sure all staff are in line with the construction requirements, in the next section is must use reliable fishing tackle, such ability can more smoothly underground ditch, can't and other places for collision, lifting support points must have two can guarantee after more smoothly.

6. Construction environment around the Krah Pipe. 

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surrounding construction environment can meet the needs of the time, such as the weather, and the surrounding environment, etc., when the interface operation, it is best to ensure that the inside and outside of the interface to clean up, can not have any dirt and sediment.

The matters needing attention in the construction of the cladding pipe are mentioned above,  Eagle Machinery Co.,Ltd hopes to be helpful to everyone





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