Reasons for choosing Krah Pipes
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Reasons for choosing Krah Pipes

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Krah Pipes is a pipe made of environmentally friendly materials. When people need to use pipes, winded profile pipes will be the first to be thought of. This makes many people who don't know the Pipe wonder why so many people use the Pipes. This article will explore and explain HDPE spiral profile pipe, which is preferred by many people.


This article contains the following:

1 Application of the Pipes

2 Advantages of the Pipes

3 Conclusion


1. Application of the Pipes

HDPE spiral profile pipe are used in many fields, such as municipal water supply and drainage, large-scale water conservancy projects, environmental protection projects, petroleum industry, coal industry, chemical engineering, power engineering, road engineering, laying pipelines in corrosive environment, agricultural engineering, large-scale airport ports and docks, construction projects, communication pipes, and water storage systems.


2. Advantages of the Pipes

  • Light specific gravity

Krah tubes are very light in weight, so they are easy to operate during installation, which makes it unnecessary to use cranes on site in most cases.

The winded profile pipes is very easy to transport because it is very light. During transportation, pipes must be fixed to prevent them from moving. Under special circumstances, if the pipeline is transported in a container, the space should be used effectively and the length of the pipeline must be adjusted according to the transportation conditions.


  • Flexibility

Pipes made of polyethylene and polypropylene have considerable advantages over other pipes such as concrete, steel, toughness, etc. Due to its material, Krah tube has high elongation at break. This means that the pipeline can support uniform loads or deformations that are not included in the actual calculation and design of the pipeline, such as earthquakes. The deformation of winded profile pipes conforms to the movement of the earth without any fracture or crack, so the activity of the pipeline will not be seriously affected. Once overload and soil movement are over, the pipeline will return to its original state and position.


Another advantage is high flexibility. Even in the areas greatly affected by the 11 earthquakes, compared with the pipelines made of other materials, our pipelines are hardly damaged. Although Krah pipelines are flexible, they have great bearing capacity, so they are also suitable for road construction.


  • Abrasion resistance

Polyethylene and polypropylene pipes are one of the most wear-resistant pipes. This has been tested in the so-called darmstadt program, the results are shown in the following figure, and the quality of polyethylene pipes has been confirmed.


  • Shock resistance

It has high impact resistance even at low temperatures, ensuring strong pipelines, resisting impact during transportation, installation on site and throughout its service life.


  • Hydraulics

Due to the smooth anti-sticking inner pipe surface, the internal diameter and hydraulic performance of the pipe will remain constant regardless of wall thickness or profile. The nominal diameter (e.g. DN/ID 500) corresponds to the corresponding inner diameter according to DIN 16961.


Compared with other pipes such as concrete, a smaller diameter can be used, which means that the material and installation costs can be greatly reduced.


  • UV resistance

Black polyethylene pipes are permanently resistant to atmospheric corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the pipe can be used and stored outside without damaging the pipe material. No aging effect will occur.


3 Conclusion

As mentioned above, HDPE spiral profile pipe has the advantages of light weight, flexibility, wear resistance and impact resistance. It is these advantages that give Krah Pipes a different function than other pipelines, and many people choose to use this pipeline. And when using this type of pipe, it also chose to protect the environment because its material is environmentally friendly. There is no reason why such a pipeline should not be chosen.





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