Relevant process conditions for the production of profiles pipe
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Relevant process conditions for the production of profiles pipe

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profiles pipe  are heat-sensitive materials. In the production process, it is necessary to strictly control the forming and processing temperature of profiles pipe . The processing temperature should also be determined according to factors such as the formula, the characteristics of the extruder, the structure of the machine head, the rotation speed of the screw, the location of the temperature measuring point, the error of the temperature measuring instrument, and the depth of the temperature measuring point. Next, let us understand the relevant process conditions for the production of profiles pipe . Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Screw speed.

l Towing speed.

l Compressed air and pressure.

l The temperature of the sizing device and cooling device.

Screw speed.

The screw speed of the profiles pipe is increased, and the extrusion volume is increased, thereby increasing its output. However, it is easy to produce poor plasticization, causing the inner wall of the profiles pipe to be rough and the strength to decrease. At this time, the head pressure should be adjusted to make the output and quality reach the best. The temperature control of the screw affects the material conveying rate, the plasticization of the material, and the melting quality. Extruded pipes need cooling water to reduce the temperature of the screw, which is beneficial to improve the quality of plasticization. The cooling water temperature of the screw is about 50~70℃.

Towing speed.

The adjustment of the traction speed in the re-extrusion operation is very important. The material is extruded, melted, and plasticized, and then continuously extruded from the die, then pulled, and then enters the shaping device, cooling device, traction device, etc. The traction speed of the profiles pipe should match the extrusion speed. Generally, in normal production, the pulling speed should be about 1%~10% faster than the extrusion speed of profiles pipe .

Compressed air and pressure.

Compressed air can inflate the profiles pipe to maintain a certain roundness. Therefore, the required pressure should be appropriate. When the pressure is too small, the pipe is not round; when the pressure is too high, the core mold is cooled, and the inner wall of the profiles pipe is cracked and not smooth, and the quality of the profiles pipe is reduced. At the same time, the pressure needs to be stable. If the pressure fluctuates from high to low, the profiles pipe are prone to slub status.

The temperature of the sizing device and cooling device.

Extruding different plastic products, using different sizing methods and cooling methods. The cooling medium can be air, water, or other liquids. It is also necessary to control the temperature, which is mainly related to the production efficiency of profiles pipe and the internal stress of the product.

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