Should I replace my lead water pipe?
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Should I replace my lead water pipe?

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Everyone is no stranger to the plumbing, every household has plumbing. Lead is usually used to make water pipes in pipes for hundreds of years. It is cheap, rust-proof and easy to weld. Eventually, health problems prompted people to switch to alternative plumbing materials.


Copper and specialty plastics, such as PVC and PEX,HDPE, are now the first choice for household plumbing. However, many old houses are still fitted with lead pipes. So should we replace our lead water pipes?


Health problems of lead pipes

We absorb lead through air, food and drinking water. The effects of lead on our bodies are very serious. The consequences of lead poisoning include kidney damage and fertility problems, including reduced fertility. Lead poisoning is particularly worrisome in children because it affects the development of their nervous systems and results in permanent changes in behavior and learning abilities. Old lead pipes do not automatically become a health threat. Over time, a layer of oxide metal is formed on the surface of the pipe to prevent water from directly contacting the original lead. By controlling the water of the water treatment plant, the pH, municipal authority can prevent the corrosion of the oxide layer and even add certain chemicals to promote the formation of the protective coating (a form of scale). When hydrochemistry has not been properly adjusted, like Flint, lead is leached out of pipes and can reach a risk level in consumer homes.



We recommend that you purchase from a reputable supplier and check if the material you purchased has been approved by the Water Code Consulting Program (WRAS). WRAS material certification is granted only to products that meet the planned strict acceptance criteria. You may need to talk to the plumber. Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or WIAPS, a plumber program approved by the water industry. Approved plumbers may advise and quote for replacement of pipes and fittings. By selecting approved certified products, your plumbing system will be lead-free. Some local authorities provide support to replace lead pipes, so it may be worth talking to them before doing anything.


Hidden problems in lead Pipe replacement

The research shows that there may be some problems in the replacement of lead pipes. At best, they waste money because they don't reduce lead in drinking water. Some of the changes "have not proven reliable in the short term to reduce lead levels in drinking water, from days to months and possibly longer," the EPA's Scientific Advisory Board said. In addition, there are no financial cases to partially replace lead pipe replacement. On the contrary, there is a significant cost advantage in replacing the entire lead pipe while the construction personnel are on site. Taxpayers should ask the water supply company to stop unless it is temporarily repaired in the event of a water supply interruption or other emergency. In the worst-case scenario, partial replacement can significantly increase lead content in a few months or more.


The only way to protect public health is to dismantle the pipes, which is why we demand that partial replacement be prohibited and that the entire lead pipe be replaced. So quickly remove the lead pipe at home, and then go to Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. to buy healthy HDPE pipe or Krah pipe, we welcome you at any time.








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