Structural Features of the Krah Pipes
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Structural Features of the Krah Pipes

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Krah pipes have excellent flexibility overall, while local pipes have strong rigidity and resistance to external pressure, which is mainly due to the unique structural characteristics and material properties of krah pipes.


Krah pipes have a smooth inner wall that is ideal for use in drainage systems, and its diameter is available in a variety of sizes that you can purchase according to your needs. This article mainly introduces the diameter characteristics and structural characteristics of krah pipes. If you want to know this aspect, read this article carefully, I hope this article can help you.


Characteristics of the diameter of the krah pipes:

The krah pipes have a large diameter span, ranging from 300mm to 4000mm. You can choose different diameters of carats according to your own needs. Even the diameters of two adjacent krah pipes are not necessarily the same, and their diameters can differ by 100 mm. Usually, the diameter of the carat tube is actually its inner diameter. Therefore, the wall thickness of the krah pipes is independent of the water flow rate, and even if the thickness changes, the inner diameter of the pipe does not change.


Characteristics of krah pipes’ structure:

The length of the krah pipes is generally 6 meters, which can be roughly divided into three parts. The first part is the socket, and the krah pipes are tapered. The second part is the pipe body. The third part is the socket, and the krah tube socket has a tapered outer diameter. These three parts are all formed in one time, but the thickness of each part can be produced according to engineering requirements.


The thickness of different parts may vary. Overall, the strength of krah pipes is very high. The different shapes of the socket and the socket ensure that when the krah pipes are connected by electrofusion, the two tubes will be firmly welded together without any gaps.


Krah pipes wall structure features:

Krah pipes can be used as sewage drains or water supply pipes. The thickness of the wall of the carats ranges from 2mm to 300mm. Considering the reliability and construction of the pipes, it is recommended that the wall thickness of the horizontal layer be at least 4mm. If you want to increase the load-bearing capacity of krah pipes, you can use a variety of pipe wall structures. These pipe wall structures can reduce the weight of the pipe and save the pipe material while increasing the load-bearing capacity.



Krah pipes are an indispensable pipe in urban construction. They are used in a large number of applications in every city. Because of their high strength, they are also widely used in municipal and residential drainage projects. The interior and exterior of the Krah pipes are spiral, and high strength is one of its characteristics.


The main material of krah pipes is high-density polyethylene resin, so after solidification, krah pipes can produce a lot of strength. Its spiral outer wall also increases the support force of the pipe wall to a certain extent, and also has certain support for increasing the structural strength of the pipe wall. Therefore, the krah pipes do not deform or have a slight deformation in the gravity pipe diameter. At the same time, the inner wall of the krah pipes is smooth, and the drainage is smoother, and no other items are hung on the inner wall.


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