The difference between the Krah Pipes and the corrugated pipes
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The difference between the Krah Pipes and the corrugated pipes

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Krah Pipes and corrugated pipes both sound a little strange. What's the difference between Krah Pipes and a hdpe steel strip double-walled bellows? Which is better or worse in the municipal construction project between the Krah Pipes and the double-wall corrugated pipes with hdpe steel strip? Today, I'm going to talk about the difference between Krah Pipes and corrugated pipes.


Raw material comparison

The equivalent diameter of the Krah Pipes (HDPE wound wall tube) is more than 60% heavier than the PE double wall corrugated pipes, and 100% new raw materials must be used to ensure its flexibility in quality and good weld joint performance. Therefore, the quality of the Krah Pipes produced is reliable and stable. However, the extrusion process of PE double-wall corrugated pipe is simple, the pipe structure is relatively layered double-wall, the pipe has lost flexibility; Moreover, adding more than 70% raw material during production increases the instability and fragility of pipe quality, changes the flexibility and melt mass flow rate of pipe, causes the appearance of pipe to be not smooth, and decreases the ring stiffness and tensile strength of weld seam. An area prone to non-uniform settlement in geology that causes broken pipes or pipes. Because the pipes add much more recycled material to the production process than polyethylene materials, they can be purchased at a very low price on the market.


Production process comparison

The Krah Pipe(HDPE wound structured wall tube) is controlled by computer and cooled by natural wind rolling. There is no internal stress, no weld and uniform wall thickness of the pipe. For the large diameter pipe produced by winding molding, the spiral rib tube is used to strengthen the DN300mm-DN4000mm, which greatly increases the ring stiffness of the pipe. The ring stiffness is more than 20 KN/m2, and can be adjusted continuously according to the engineering requirements, and the maximum buried depth can be up to 20 m.


PE steel strip double-wall corrugated pipes are directly extruded by two concentric tube embryos and molded by suction molding. It belongs to extrusion molding process. When the diameter of extrusion molding pipe is proportional to the die of the equipment, the equipment is developed into a technical problem and the production cost is increased. Therefore, the diameter of the pipe is smaller, and the main production of pipe is less than DN600mm. In addition, because the steel band double wall bellows double wall compound degree is not good, it is easy to appear the inside and outside wall stratification under the compression, and the outer rib wall thin, the force ability is poor, the extrusion occurs the depression and so on, so the ring stiffness is low, the caliber is bigger, and so on. The lower the safety, although a few domestic manufacturers can produce less than DN1200mm pipe, but there are few practical application cases.


Maintenance and service life comparison

The life of the main material (high density polyethylene) used in the Krah Pipe (HDPE wound wall tube) is more than 50 years, and the Krah Pipe system has a life span of more than 50 years because there is no need for auxiliary material to connect with the plug-in fused connection (i.e., the bulk connection). The PE double-wall bellows require auxiliary materials, so the life of the piping system depends on the life of the auxiliary materials (e.g., rubber seals) (plus the addition of recycled materials during production, typically less than 15 years). Piping systems need to be maintained and difficult to maintain.


It can be seen from the comparison between the above two kinds of pipes that Krah Pipes are much higher than that of the PE double-wall bellows in terms of weight, quality and comprehensive properties. As a mature product,Krah Pipes(HDPE wound reinforced tube) has long been widely used abroad, and has also been named as a key promotion product by the Ministry of Construction in China. It has been used in municipal services, power supply and terminals in coastal areas. Eagle Machinery Co.,Ltd is located at QINGDAO, is a professional manufacturer to produce Krah Pipe production line. Welcome to Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. to choose and purchase   Krah Pipe.





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