The main application areas of the Krah Pipes
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The main application areas of the Krah Pipes

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The Krah pipe is now widely used in many areas. The Krah pipe is made of HD-PE 100 and is therefore also known as the HDPE spiral profile pipe. It is an environmentally safe product with the advantages of light weight, high endurance, tight interface, long life and corrosion resistance. The buku pipe is completely spiral extruded, so there is also the name of the winded profile pipe. It can be tailored to any application within the standard, and this feature allows it to be used in many areas. This article will explain in detail the application of the Krah pipe.


The content is as follows:

  • Advantages of the Krah pipe

  • The main application areas of the Krah pipe

  • Summary



1. Advantages of the Krah pipe

l Solderability

The pipe has no welded joints or any weak links and is made entirely of high-density PE 100. No recyclable blends are used to ensure good quality of the tubing, which guarantees a life cycle of at least 100 years.


l Good chemical resistance

For buried pipelines, bio-sulfuric corrosion is a key factor in determining the service life of the pipeline. The Krah pipeline guarantees the best safety and resistance.


l Impact resistance

Even at low temperatures, high impact resistance ensures that the pipe is rugged and resistant to shocks during transport, on-site installation and throughout its service life.


l Resistance to microorganisms, rodents and termites

The surface of the buku tube is smooth, so the rodents' teeth don't retain enough force to cause damage. Polyethylene and polypropylene are not nutrient media for bacteria, fungi and spores, so the materials are resistant to various forms of microbial attack as well as sulfuric acid and sulfate.


2. The main application areas of the Krah pipe

1) Municipal water supply and drainage

At present, the internal pressure of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) winding reinforced pipe can reach 12kg/cm2, which is an ideal pipe for replacing the original drainage cast iron pipe and cement pipe of the city; it is used for municipal underground drainage and sewage discharge. Rainwater collection, water delivery, ventilation, etc.; used to discharge liquid and gaseous substances into rivers or seas. The hot structural wall winding tube has the advantages of light weight, safety, reliable connection, corrosion resistance and high ring rigidity, so that the use of the hot structure winding tube has great advantages.

2) Large-scale water conservancy projects

Long-distance water transportation, farmland irrigation, siltation in the reservoir area, use of water source pipes, irrigation pipes and hydropower stations;

3) Environmental protection projects

Deep sea sewage, sewage treatment, garbage dumps, detoxification pipelines. Various structural wall structures and pipes of hot-structured wall-wound tubes, inspection wells, and pipe fittings can be used in advanced shallow-deck systems due to their reliable connection properties.

4) Oil industry

Oil and gas pipelines.

5) Coal industry

Coal transportation project and various ventilation systems.

6) Chemical engineering

Chemical containers, especially corrosive fluid conveying pipes.

7) Power engineering

Circulating water pipelines.

8) Road engineering

Crossing water culverts and crosswalks with large traffic loads such as roads and railways; used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways; and methods for refinishing damaged pipelines by means of “pipe liners” more and more important.

9) Laying of pipelines in a corrosive environment.

10) Agricultural engineering

Farmland, orchard, tea garden and forest belt irrigation and so on;

11) Large airport ports and docks

Drainage and sewage pipes of large airport ports and docks;

12) Construction projects

Rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.;

13) Communication tube

Railway, highway communication, communication cable, cable protection tube;

14) Water storage system

A water storage system for intercepting slow water flow.

15) Special application

The hot-wound wall-wound tube can also be used for special purposes such as ventilation, passage, desert, marsh, fluid transportation in the lake area, etc.


3. Conclusion

It can be seen from this paper that the winded profile pipe has a very wide range of applications, showing its superiority and high value. Such pipelines should be studied continuously, enabling them to be applied in more situations, creating more value and becoming a powerful helper for human production and life.





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