Types of Plastic Water Pipes
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Types of Plastic Water Pipes

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Plastic water pipes as an important component of chemical building materials, with its superior performance, health, environmental protection, low consumption and other advantages widely accepted by users. China's plastic water pipe industry has been rapid development, the plastic water pipe market is expanding, has become everywhere widely recognized products. What do you know about the types of them?


Here is the content list:

1) What Are PVC Water Pipes?

2) What Are Krah Water Pipes?

3) Other Kinds of Plastic Water Pipes


What Are PVC Water Pipes?

The main component of PVC water pipe is polyvinyl chloride, which can enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility by adding other components. The top layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, the bottom layer is back coating adhesive. It is a popular and widely used synthetic material in the world. It is the second most widely used composite material in the world.

PVC can be divided into soft PVC and rigid PVC ones. Rigid PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market and soft PVC accounts for 1/3.

1. Soft PVC

Soft PVC is used at the surface layer of floor, ceiling and leather commonly, but because soft PVC contains plasticizer, physical performance is poorer, this also is the difference between soft PVC and rigid PVC, as above plastic water pipes needs to bear certain water pressure, soft qualitative PVC is not suitable for use, so the use scope of soft PVC is limited.

2. Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC does not contain plasticizer, so it is easy to form, good physical properties, so it has great development and application value. Ordinary inside and outside the wall smooth rigid PVC water pipes in the drainage process to produce high noise, and the inner surface with spiral reinforcement structure of rigid PVC water tubes, can significantly reduce the noise in the process of drainage, the principle is that, in this kind of structure of tube of fluid flow, reduce the impact to the inner wall of the tube, and can make the inclusions to expel the air in the fluid.


What Are Krah Water Pipes?

The krah water tube is hot-wound high-density polyethylene wrapped structural wall tube, which is also called HDPE winding pipes. The wall of tube is made of high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, using thermal winding process and polypropylene single-wall bellows as the support structure, which has a high resistance to external pressure.

The performance characteristics of HDPE winding tubes:

1. High seam quality

The flat material belt and u-shaped material belt extruded from the mouth of the extruder in the molten state are wound evenly on the heated drum mold according to the predetermined position, ensuring the quality of the welded seam of the structural wall tube. In particular, the seam of the flat material belt in the structural design is covered by polyethylene coated support pipe, which improves the overall anti-external pressure ability of the HDPE winding tubes.

2. Excellent installation performance

The HDPE winding tubes’ connection is made of the same material as the embedded electric fuse wire at the socket mouth, and the connection quality of HDPE winding tubes is high. It can achieve 100% leak free, ensuring the homogeneity of pipeline system life and safety of operation. At the same time, because the HDPE winding tubes is lighter than other pipes under the same application conditions, HDPE winding tubes are convenient for transportation and construction, which can reduce the construction cost.

3. Good flexibility

HDPE water pipes have good flexibility on the macro level, and local pipe sections have strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, which can ensure safe passage when used under heavy load road surface. Due to the good flexibility of the pipe, the damage loss of the HDPE winding tubes can be minimized in the event of earthquake, uneven settlement and other geological activities, thus improving the ability of the public facilities to resist earthquake and reduce disaster.

4. Environment friendly

HDPE water pipe can be recycled, its main raw material high-density polypropylene, without any toxicity, in the production process without any pollutants. The waste HDPE water pipes can be recycled and reused 100%, which is a green product of environmental protection and safety.


Other Kinds of Plastic Water Pipes:

In addition to the two most widely used types of plastic water pipes above, there are many other types of plastic water pipes.

1. ABS plastic pipes

ABS plastic water pipes can last for decades indoors, and longer if buried underground or in water. The chemical properties of this plastic water pipe are stable, the fluid resistance is small, the sealing performance is good, does not change the water quality, will not have the secondary pollution. It has abilities of low cost of raw materials, greatly saving engineering investment, simple construction and good effect, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, which can avoid the general pipe leakage phenomenon.

2. PPR plastic tubes

This kind of plastic water pipe has ability of energy-saving and environmental protection, light corrosion resistance, the inner wall does not scale and stay smooth condition, and the maintenance construction is very simple, long service life. In industry, agriculture, construction, municipal and other fields, PPR plastic water pipes are widely used.

3. PERT plastic tubes

This plastic water pipe has excellent wear resistance, thermal deformation, chemical resistance, stress cracking and so on. Due to its superior performance, PERT plastic water tubes are widely used for drinking water pipes, hot and cold-water pipes in building engineering and municipal engineering. Also used in the ground heating system with pipes or conventional heating system with pipes, pure water system pipes.


Above is the introduction of different kinds of plastic water pipes, I hope to help you. No matter what kind of plastic water pipes, they all have their own characteristics. If you are not sure which kind of plastic water pipe to choose or want to know more information, welcome to visit our company, we will serve you wholeheartedly.





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