What are the characteristics of Krah Pipe Production Line?
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What are the characteristics of Krah Pipe Production Line?

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The invention of Krah Pipes solves most pipe failures that occur in joints through corrosion or cracks in rigid, non-flexible pipe materials. Have you ever wondered how the Krah Pipe Production Line works?


Content Lists:

1 What is Krah Pipe?

2 What were the characteristics of the Krah Pipe Production Line?

3 Material used in the Krah Pipe Production Line

4 Rigid Krah Pipes

5 What are the advantages of Krah Pipe?

6 Conclusion


What is Krah Pipe?

The device, commonly known in China as the Winded Profile Pipes, USES high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin as the main material, using a hot winding molding process. Krah Pipes is a wound structural wall tube B, with strong compressive resistance, and supported by polypropylene (PP) single-wall bellows. The inner surface of the pipe is smooth, and the outer part is circular reinforced structure. The circular rigidity is high, the impact resistance is strong, and the welding sealing is good. Krah Pipes belongs to a flexible tube.


What were the characteristics of the Krah Pipe Production Line?

1. Reduce melt pressure and energy consumption. Extruder platform and winding platform are controlled by precise conductor, 3d motion and servo motor.

2. Patented technology, suitable for four kinds of extruder co-extrusion technology.

3. Select different operations according to the properties and colors of raw materials.

4. Increase pipe strength

5. Reduce costs


Material used in the Krah Pipe Production Line

Krah Pipes are made of different grades of pure polyethylene or polypropylene, with excellent corrosion resistance, leakage, pipe displacement and permeability properties. In addition to being a permanent solution for generations, the Krah piping system provides sustainable, environmentally sound and economical solutions for a wide range of applications, including water supply, sewer systems, drainage, storm water management, Marine outfall/intake, manholes and reservoirs.


To meet the need for a leak-free, sustainable and flexible piping system for at least 100 years, Winded Profile Pipes is produced using an integrated electro-fusion joint system to ensure that the Pipes melt into a uniform overall piping system.


Polyethylene (PE80 and PE100) and polypropylene are thermoplastics with excellent properties for the manufacture of water and sewer containers, as well as containers of liquid and solid materials.


Environmentally friendly plastics polythene and polypropylene are resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them ideal for transporting and storing liquids.

The Krah tube may be made of the following thermoplastic materials:

High density polyethylene (PE80 and PE100)

Polyethylene with CaCo3

High hardness (ppb-hm)

Polypropylene random (pp-r)

PP- PPo (pp-h)

Polypropylene - non-flammable (pp-s)

Other materials may be used after prior quality control by producers and third parties.


Rigid Krah Pipes

Winded Profile Pipes shall be designed according to nominal ring stiffness grade according to different specifications and standards.


(SN) such as SN2 (for piping DN> 500 only), SN4, SN8 or SN16 (according to ISO 9969), or other standard stiffness classes (DIN16961, ASTM F894, NBR 7373, etc.), independent of test methods (constant speed) or constant load).

In addition, in accordance with en13476-3 (9.1), the manufacturer also permits the production of DN/ID> 500mm Winded Profile Pipes between the SN grades, in case he can prove and emphasize the decision with the help of static calculations.


According to the CEN/TS 15223, piping systems designed for subterranean stiffness classes greater than SN4 are designed to withstand external water pressure.


More stringent requirements for external water pressure can be checked against the ring stiffness of the pipe in figure 2.


What are the advantages of Krah Pipe?

The Electro Fusion connection system of the Krah Pipe in accordance with the DVS regulations ensures a uniform piping system, no leakage and flexibility, and no weak spots on the joints. Electrofusion welding process is a kind of optimization process, which can be directly used in the welding seam considering welding factors, and the welding time is very short. The result is that the piping system in the soil is flexible even during heavy loads or seismic motions, with no cracks, fractures or displacements. The pipeline system will continue to provide service, will not break!


According to the standard, the pipe is also light weight, has the required waterway s1 wall thickness, and can be adjusted according to any type of internal and/or external pressure. This is a cost effective way to avoid using overly designed pipes based on application requirements.


The pipeline system will provide service for more than 100 years without any leaks, cracks, cracks or displacements. The material is uv resistant and very environmentally friendly.


No leaks: it prevents sewage from polluting the environment. The piping material does not react chemically with the soil, so it is definitely environmentally friendly and can be recycled up to 100%.


No clogging occurs, and no bacteria or anything can find a fix in the pipe, thanks to its smooth, antibacterial inner surface.


Installing the pipes does not require heavy lifting equipment, which can be lifted by simple excavators, so more dredging is not needed, which is more expensive during construction. In a larger city where there is no need to close all lanes of the pipeline installation work, rapid installation will significantly reduce construction costs.



The features of the Krah Pipe Production Line explain why the Krah Pipe has many advantages, such as easy installation and transportation, long service life and excellent bearing capacity. If you need a solid, high-quality Krah Pipe that is rigorously tested, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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