What is the profile pipe?
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What is the profile pipe?

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A profile pipe refers to a solid straight bar with a certain cross-sectional shape and size after the metal is formed by plastic processing. The profile pipe has a wide variety of specifications and a wide range of uses. In the rolling production, the profiles pipe occupies a very important position.


Here is the content list:

Brief introduction

Features of profiles pipe



Brief introduction

A profile pipe is an object with a certain geometric shape made by rolling, extrusion, casting, and other processes of iron or steel and materials with certain strength and toughness. This kind of profile pipe material has a certain appearance size, the profile pipe section is a certain shape, and has certain mechanical and physical properties. Profiles pipe can be used alone or further processed into other manufactured products. Profiles pipe is often used in building structure, manufacturing, and installation. The mechanical engineer can select the specific shape, material, heat treatment state, mechanical properties, and other parameters of the profiles pipe according to the design requirements, and then divide the profiles according to the specific size and shape requirements of the profiles pipe, and then the profiles pipe is further processed or heats treated to meet the design accuracy requirements. The materials, specifications, and dimensions of profiles pipe can refer to the corresponding national standards.



Features of profiles pipe

(1) There are many varieties and specifications of profiles pipe. There is more than 10,000 profiles pipe, and in the production of profiles pipe, except for a few special rolling mills that produce specialized products, most profiles pipe rolling mills are producing multiple varieties and specifications.

(2) Profiles pipe has a big difference in cross-section shape. Among the profiles pipe products, in addition to the simple cross-section shapes of square, round, and flat steels with little difference, most of the complex cross-section profiles pipes are not only complex in cross-section shapes but also the profiles pipes are quite different from each other. The profiles pipe pass of these products Design and rolling production have their particularities; the complexity of the cross-sectional shape makes the deformation of the metal parts of the profiles pipe during the rolling process, the temperature distribution of the cross-section and the wear of the rolls are not uniform, so it is difficult to accurately calculate the dimensions of the profiles pipe. And control, profiles pipe rolling mill adjustment, and the installation of the guide and guard device are also more complicated; in addition, the individual varieties or specifications of complex cross-section profiles pipe are usually small in batches. The above factors make it difficult to develop continuous rolling technology for complex cross-section profiles.

(3) Profiles pipe rolling mill structure and profiles pipe rolling mill layout forms are more. In the layout of profiles pipe rolling mills, there are horizontal rolling mills, in-line rolling mills, checkerboard rolling mills, semi-continuous rolling mills, and continuous rolling mills.


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