What is the standard of Krah Pipes?
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What is the standard of Krah Pipes?

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Krah Pipes effectively solves the problem of pipes being damaged or corroded during the process of transporting liquids, but when you consider investing in Krah Pipes, you will certainly want to know, what is the standard of Krah Pipes?



1 Raw materials for Krah Pipes

2 Structure of Krah Pipes

3 What is the standard for Krah Pipes?

4 What are the advantages of Krah Pipes?

5 How to install and ship Krah Pipes?


Raw materials for Krah Pipes

HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe consists of high quality raw high density polyethylene (HDPE) material. The HDPE material is mixed with the masterbatch additive to provide enhanced additional properties such as UV protection and custom color preferences.


Structure of Krah Pipes

HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe is made by first winding an inner liner onto a mandrel. This includes the socket and socket of the tube, and in a second operation, the rectangular hollow profile is fused (welded) to the outside of the liner. This produces lightweight Krah Pipes with high ring stiffness. By varying the thickness of the inner liner, as well as the contour spacing and size, pipes with different ring stiffness can be produced. The inner liner thickness is typically 1% of the pipe diameter and the wall thickness is at least 5 mm, which results in a PP Profiled Pipe with a smooth inner surface. For rectangular profiles wound in zero space between profiles, the small annular space between the tops of the profiles is also filled with a solder material to form a smooth outer surface.


What is the standard for Krah Pipes?

The Krah Pipes range in size from 100mm to 2400mm (within the nominal diameter) and are manufactured to the European standard EN-13476. For sizes from 100mm to 900mm, these tubes have a ring stiffness rating of 8kN / m2. For sizes from 1000mm to 2400mm, these Krah Pipes have a ring stiffness rating of 4kN / m2. 100mm-1200mm sizes can be used with integral cuffs and sleeves. Pipe profiles or common profiles. The pipe with integral cuffs and socket profiles has a nominal length of 6m.


Supply and laying of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes for underground pressureless sewer systems with spiral-shaped wall profiles in accordance with DN 16961, extruded by the manufacturer's certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. The contour of the inner wall should be smooth and light in color for better visual or camera inspection. The outer wall structure should ensure the necessary moment of inertia to achieve the desired ring stiffness. The pipe shall be marked on the outer surface with the markings indicated on the reference standard; the connection system shall be realized by a special polyethylene socket which is manufactured by continuous winding on the mandrel without breaking the continuity with the pipe and having Special internal resistance for electrical fusion with continuous male components.


The toroidal flexibility shall be verified in accordance with EN 1446, with a deformation equal to 30% of the outer diameter of the pipe (RF30) being brought into the mark). The wear resistance of Krah Pipes materials must be verified in accordance with EN295-3.


When verified according to the EN 1979 method, the minimum tensile strength value at the seam between the helices will be better than 1020N


What are the advantages of Krah Pipes?

HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe is a very flexible pipe that does not break or crack during handling. Due to its low quality, spiral high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes can be laid with very light equipment or even manually.


The material used to make the spiral high-density polyethylene pipe is the same as that used in the manufacture of high-density polyethylene pressure pipes and is stabilized with carbon black to provide the most effective UV protection. This ensures that the pipe can be stored outdoors for long periods of time without worrying about performance changes.


Most Krah Pipes are produced with integrated sockets and sockets. These apply to the connection technologies listed below. As the various tests and decades of experience show, the connected portion of the PP Profiled Pipe system is usually the most vulnerable part. Here, the pipeline is mostly exposed to possible leaks. The Krah system provides a well-known connection method for large-scale applications that eliminates these problems by ensuring a stable, uniform pipeline.



How to install and ship Krah Pipes?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) spiral shaped tubes are light weight, easy to move, and impact resistant, and are one of the important conditions for transportation and storage. Therefore, there is no leakage during transportation and there is no mention of storage of the process. Because it is intertwined with light, it can be stored and transported.


Other potential problems with storage cleanliness are important Krah Pipes.

Sharp stones should not have stones in the inventory.


In Krah Pipes transportation, tools should not keep clean, sharp stones and hard objects. Hard objects should not be covered during transportation. Krah Pipes should be kept in a low temperature environment because sunlight should be maintained even in possible areas. Long-term storage can be done in such an environment.


In a completely enclosed environment and in warm weather, the life of high density polyethylene spirals should not be longer. When installing the tool, the transport time should increase with height, especially when connecting damaged pipes. Among them, the slings shall not be used for transportation and construction equipment.


If your feet should remain high, install PP Profiled Pipe with a civilian lift. Should not be hit hard.


Knowing the standards and performance of Krah Pipes not only allows you to better apply it, but also helps you select a qualified HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe. If you need a solid, high-quality Krah Pipes that is rigorously tested, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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