What tests will Krah Pipes undergo?
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What tests will Krah Pipes undergo?

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Krah Pipes with good performance helps people solve problems with transportation system failures and leaks, but only if HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe itself is of high quality. Do you know what kind of tests are passed after Krah Pipes is manufactured?



1 What is the structure of Krah Pipe?

2 Krah Pipes test and test program

3 What are the advantages of the Krah Pipe?

4 Krah Pipes handling and transportation

What is the structure of Krah Pipe?

The HDPE spiral profile tube creates the tube by first winding the liner to the spindle and fusing the rectangular hollow profile to the outside of the lining in the second operating winding to create a lightweight tube with high ring stiffness. Tube with different ring stiffness can be produced by changing lining thickness and contour spacing. The lining thickness is usually 1% of the pipe diameter and the wall thickness is at least 5mm. This produces tubes with smooth inner surfaces.


Winded Profile Pipes are typically 6 meters long with sockets and sockets. For rainwater, a rubber Ogee type seal is available. For sewer applications, the external weld size is 400mm to 500mm and the size is 600mm. The larger joint is welded inside to provide a waterproof joint. Since the socket and the socket end are part of the pipe structure, the connection is a simple task of inserting the socket end into the socket end.


Krah Pipes test and test program

Made in Winded Profile Pipes for raw materials and other materials that must be used and tested several times. Testing conducted during production engineers will improve production quality. TSE and ISO standards are applicable to testing these tests; these tests are;

- Ring stiffness

- MF test

- Impact resistance test

- Density test

- Elongation test

- Heat resistance test

- Heat leak test - Elongation test length


What are the advantages of the Krah Pipe?

The Krah Pipe is made of HD-PE100 (according to DIN16961, EN13476, ASTM F894, ISO9969 and other international standards) with integrated fused connector sockets and bushings. The pipe is fully spiral extruded with contoured or solid walls, tailored to any type of application. HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe has no welds or any weakness and is made entirely of high density PE100. No recyclable blends are used to ensure the quality of the tubing, ensuring a minimum of 100 years of use.


The fused connection system designed by Winded Profile Pipes according to the DVS rules ensures uniformity, leak-freeness and flexibility of the piping system without any weak points on the joints. The fused welding process is an optimized process for batches that can be used directly for extremely fast welding times, taking into account welding factors. The results show that the pipeline system in the soil has flexibility under large load or earthquake, and there is no crack, fracture or displacement phenomenon. The piping system will continue to provide services without breaking!


The pipe is also very light and the wall thickness of the water channel S1 is required to be adjusted according to any type of internal and/or external pressure. This is a cost-saving issue to avoid over-engineered piping based on application requirements.


The service life of the piping system will exceed 100 years without any leakage, cracking, cracking or displacement. This material is UV resistant and environmentally friendly.


No leakage: prevent sewer pollution

The pipe material does not chemically react with the soil, so it is absolutely environmentally friendly and can be recycled 100%.


Because the inner surface of the pipe is smooth and antibacterial, there is no clogging and no bacteria or anything to find support on the pipe.


The inner surface is brightly colored for easy inspection of the piping system.

Winded Profile Pipes installations do not require heavy lifting equipment and can be lifted with a simple excavator, eliminating the need for more dredging work, which is more expensive during construction. In a large city, the pipeline installation project no longer needs to close all lanes of the road.


Quick installation, as you can see at the job site, will greatly reduce construction costs.

The piping system will behave like our veins, overall, homogeneous, flexible and leak-free for 100 years!


Krah Pipes handling and transportation

- HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe is lightweight, easy to move, and impact resistance is one of the most important conditions in transportation and storage. Therefore, there is no leakage during transportation and there is no mention of the storage of the process. Because it is intertwined with light, it can be stored and transported.


- Other potential problems that exist in the cleanliness of the storage area are the important HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe.


Sharp stones should have no rocks in the inventory area.

In-Shipping tools should not keep clean and sharp stones and hard objects. Hard objects should not be covered during transport. The HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe should be kept in a low temperature environment as the sun's rays should be maintained even in possible areas. Long-term storage can be done in such an environment.


HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe should not last longer in a completely enclosed environment and in warm weather. During the installation of the tool, the transport time should increase with height, especially when connecting damaged pipes. Among them, the suspension rope should not be used in transportation and construction equipment.


- If your feet should be kept high, install the HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe with a civilian lift. Should not be hit hard.


The tests on Krah Pipes mentioned in this article will give you a better understanding of the quality of the pipeline and therefore a better supplier of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe. If you need a solid, high-quality Krah Pipe that is rigorously tested, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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