Where to Use Krah Pipe?
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Where to Use Krah Pipe?

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Krah Pipe

What is a Krah pipe

What kind of advantages does clapper have in pipeline construction? 

What are the main application areas of the Krah pipes? 

For the Krah Pipe, these problems are very concerned about by everyone, today we will explain some of the above questions to you.

1.What is Krah Pipe?

The Krah Pipe is the high-density polyethylene structure wall thermal winding pipe, HDPE winding structure wall pipe, it is a new type of special-shaped structure wall pipe, using high-density polyethylene thermal winding molding process. The products are mainly HDPE resin (HDPE) as raw material, PP or PE corrugated pipe as auxiliary support pipe, and high-density polyethylene large-diameter winding reinforcing pipe produced by thermal winding forming process. 

Because this kind of pipeline was originally introduced by the domestic company from the German Krah company, it is commonly known as the Krah pipe in China. The official name of this kind of pipe in China is: high-density polyethylene structure wall hot-wound pipe, and the national standard is GB/T 19472.2-2004 B type structure wall pipe.

2. Advantages of Krah Pipe in pipeline construction

This Krah Pipe (HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe) is a kind of environmental protection and safety product, with light weight, strong bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, convenient construction and other advantages, widely used in urban water supply, drainage, long-distance water transmission and irrigation projects. 

Diameter from dn300-dn4000, the Krah pipe weight is light, the overall flexibility is good, is currently buried sewage drainage preferred main pipe.

3.The application range of Krah pipes

1) Krah Pipe municipal engineering: used for municipal underground drainage, sewage discharge, rainwater collection, water transmission and ventilation, etc.

2) Road public works: can be used for railways, highways, golf courses, football fields, such as infiltration, drainage pipes.

3) Industry: because polyethylene and polypropylene materials have excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, they are widely used in fields such as nuclear power, steel mills, power plants, petrochemical plants, ports and railway stations, especially in harsh environments such as tidal flat, saline-alkali land, submarine bed, soft foundation expansive soil and seismic zone.

4.The application range of Polyethylene

1) Injection molding products: there are turnover boxes, bottle caps, buckets, hats, food containers, trays, garbage cans, boxes, and plastic flowers

2) Blow molding products: hollow molding products, such as a variety of series blow molding barrels, containers, bottles, containing detergent, chemicals, cosmetics, gasoline tank, daily necessities, etc. There are blown film products such as food packaging bags, sundry shopping bags, fertilizer lining film and so on.

3) Extruded products: pipes and fittings are mainly used for gas transportation, public water supply and chemical transportation, such as building materials drainage pipes, gas pipes and hot water pipes, etc. : sheets are mainly used for seats, suitcases and carrying containers.

4) Rotary molding: injection products such as large containers, storage tanks, barrels, boxes, etc.

5) Polyethylene can be processed into film, wire and cable sheath, pipe, all kinds of hollow products, injection products, fiber, etc. Widely used in agriculture, packaging, electrical and electronic, machinery, automobiles, daily groceries and other aspects.

EAGLE is a professional China Krah pips manufacturer, provides you with various HDPE/PP profiled pipes, for more Krah pipe services, please rest assured to contact us!





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