Features of HDPE spiral wound tanks
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Features of HDPE spiral wound tanks

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HDPE spiral wound tanks using HDPE are of high molecular weight, the low melt flow rate of homopolymer polypropylene. GF pipe after β modification has a fine crystalline structure so that it has excellent impact strength even at low temperatures. It increases hydrostatic strength and improves chemical resistance. Take the following to introduce the characteristics of the HDPE seamless winding tank.

Here is the content:

l Corrosion resistance

l Bottom welding process features

l Internal welding process features

Corrosion resistance

Since HDPE seamless winding tank has excellent corrosion resistance, especially the resistance to environmental stress cracking, it is a dilute or concentrated solution with inorganic salts, inorganic acids, and alkalis, even at higher temperatures, will not react chemically. At room temperature, there are almost no solvents that can make it dissolve. It has a significantly better production process and mechanical properties than conventional polypropylene, but its corrosion resistance to strong oxidizers and aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons is poor.

According to empirical analysis, chemical tank spiral wound HDPE are mainly used in the equipment of the following industries:

1. In the new energy industry, they are mainly used in storage tanks, transit tanks, mixing tanks, reaction tanks, etc., which are required for various production processes.

2. The environmental protection industry is mainly used to make the tower equipment for waste gas treatment, etc.

3. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used in vertical and horizontal storage tanks, metering tanks, etc.

Bottom welding process features

1. Mechanization, high degree of automation, stable product quality.

2. Welding can be designed according to the stress characteristics of the HDPE seamless winding tank to achieve the integrity of the weld.

3. Good product integrity, the weld seam is integrated with the base material, the machine is corrosion resistant and hysteresis resistant.

4. Reduce the flying edge, the seam is flat and beautiful.

The inner pendulum is an automatic long-arm extrusion and blasting process, which is an important part of the various processes. The building will be installed inside the full mass HDPE in line with the nature of the HDPE seamless winding tank. compared with the paving body, the principle is different from the external principle, but the equipment is different.

Internal welding process features

1. Mechanization, high degree of automation, and stable product quality.

2. Shore hardness specifications can be designed according to the HDPE seamless winding tank stress characteristics to give full play to the integrity of the weld seam.

3. Good product integrity, the weld seam is integrated with the base material, corrosion resistance, and good leakage resistance.

4. Reduce flash edge, make it smooth and beautiful.

5. Special granules are added with UV absorbers to prevent aging and prolong service life.

According to the characteristics of HDPE material, it is economical and durable, reducing equipment maintenance and prolonging service life, with superior performance. And high-temperature resistance, working temperature can reach 100℃. It is the responsibility of every HDPE spiral wound tank manufacturer to produce products that meet the standards to ensure the safety and healthy development of the market. Our company has conducted several tests on the products before leaving the factory, and the quality pass rate is guaranteed. If you are in the business of HDPE spiral wound tanks, you can consider our cost-effective products.





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