Guides For Installing HDPE Winding Pipe
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Guides For Installing HDPE Winding Pipe

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If you're struggling with how to install HDPE winding pipe, you're in the right place! Installing HDPE winding pipe is a huge project. There are many things you need to pay attention to. What many of them do you know? Here come the guides for you.


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What Do You Need To Do Before Installing?

How To Install HDPE Winding Pipe?

What Do You Need To Do After Installing?


What Do You Need To Do Before Installing?

HDPE pipeline has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, so its performance is exceptional. It is especially suitable for the construction environment with complicated geological conditions. Before construction, we should ensure the sealing connection strength of HDPE winding pipe, so when installing HDPE winding pipe, we should adopt the whole hoisting construction plan. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the corrosion of cement sand and other substances in the construction environment to the HDPE winding pipe. The key points of construction should be in the connection of the pipe orifice and the treatment method. First, before placing the winding pipe, a deep trench up to four meters deep should be excavated.

If some soil conditions are poor and the groundwater level is high, then excavation should be carried out in layers. There are a series of requirements for the pipe foundation of HDPE winding pipe. A layer of sand with thickness of about 20 cm should be laid. The purpose of this is to increase the contact area between the bottom of HDPE winding pipe and the soil, so as to effectively protect the pipeline.


How To Install HDPE Winding Pipe?

1. Sideline method

HDPE winding pipe installation is transferred from manual two-end pipe lifting to groove bottom construction personnel to lower pipe, and the control of pipeline center line adopts side line method. The crane is at least 2m away from the trench edge to avoid the collapse of the trench edge caused by the lifting force.

2. Manual installation

HDPE winding pipe installation adopts manual installation. When the groove depth is not too deep, the groove can be carried by manual. When the groove depth is greater than 3m or the diameter of the pipe is larger than the nominal diameter DN400, the non-metallic rope can be used to slide into the groove and place it on the pipe position of gravel foundation smoothly in turn. It is strictly forbidden to use metal ropes to hook the nozzles at both ends or to turn the pipes from the side of the groove and throw them into the groove.

3. Check up

Before pipe stabilization, check the elevation of the foundation design and the location of the middle line. After meeting the requirements of design and specification, pipe stabilization can be carried out. At the same time, the elevation and alignment of HDPE winding pipe installation should be well done.


What Do You Need To Do After Installing?

The mechanical backfilling is used for the part above 0.7 m on the top of the pipe. Backfilling below the top of the HDPE winding pipe must be backfilled from both sides of the pipe at the same time and compacted. Otherwise, it is easy to cause uneven pressure on the HDPE winding pipe, resulting in deformation and displacement of the HDPE winding pipe. Other backfilling shall be carried out according to the specifications.

Water in grooves should be discharged before backfilling. Mud, organic soil and frozen soil shall not be backfilled. The backfill should not contain stones, bricks and other large objects with hard edges and corners.

When the pipe is under the roadway and the road or pipe is built in the soft soil layer and the low-lying, swamp and high groundwater level area after laying, the groove backfilling should first fill the axillary corner of the bottom of the pipe with medium-coarse sand, then fill it back to 0.4m above the top of the HDPE winding pipe.



The above is guides for how to Install HDPE winding pipes, I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition to the traditional excavation method, a variety of new trenchless technologies such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner and cracked pipe can also be used for construction, which is a good choice for some places where excavation is not allowed. For more instructions, please refer to our company’s website as you like. 





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