How to Operate a Krah Pipe Machine?
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How to Operate a Krah Pipe Machine?

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For any industrial organization, having the right machines in place to carry out their operations is essential. Krah pipe machines are the machines of choice for many businesses looking to produce high-quality plastic pipes. Having the right knowledge and expertise to successfully operate these highly-specialized machines is a must to ensure their optimum performance and reliable operation.

  • Set up the machine

  • Select the desired pipe profile

  • Load the pipe material

  • Adjust the temperature of the welding head

  • Monitor the welding process

Set up the machine

Before operating the Krah Pipe Machine, it is important to properly set up the machine. Firstly, make sure that the machine is placed on a well-leveled surface and turned off. Next, check the tension of the pipe as it is fed through the machine. This should be done by manually turning a wheel that is located on the side of the machine according to the machine's instructions. Then, check the tension of the screws and bolts to make sure that they are all securely fastened. Finally, switch on the machine and observe its operation of the machine.

Select the desired pipe profile

After you've chosen the desired pipe size, you'll need to select the desired pipe profile. The Krah Pipe Machine is capable of making a variety of different profiles such as round, oval, square, and more. To select the desired profile, simply press the corresponding button on the control panel. You can also adjust the parameters to fine-tune the profile to meet your exact needs. Once you have selected the desired profile, the Krah Pipe Machine is ready to start the production process.

Load the pipe material

On the Krah Pipe Machine, the next step is to load the pipe material. This material should be thoroughly inspected before it is loaded, to ensure it meets all safety and quality standards. The material is then loaded into the machine’s hopper. The material should be firmly secured with the appropriate clamps and brackets before the pipe extrusion process begins. Once the material is loaded and secured, the machine is ready to begin the extrusion process.

Adjust the temperature of the welding head

After the welding rod has been loaded into the welding head, the next step is to adjust the temperature of the welding head. This should be done by using the temperature adjustment knob located on the top of the welding head. It is important to ensure that the temperature is not too low or too high, as this will affect the quality of the weld. Make sure to adjust the temperature until it is within the recommended range provided in the manufacturer's manual. Once the welding head has been adjusted, it is ready to be used.

Monitor the welding process

The fifth and final step in operating a Krah Pipe Machine is to monitor the welding process. Be sure to pay close attention to the quality and strength of the welds. If necessary, make adjustments as needed to ensure the welds are to your desired specifications. Also, be sure to watch for splatter and keep your welding area clean and free of any debris that could interfere with your welds. Finally, inspect each weld to make sure it meets the standards set forth in your safety protocols.

Operating a Krah pipe machine requires a great deal of skill and precision, but is also a rewarding experience. Contact Eagle to learn the correct operation method.





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