How to use bauku machine
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How to use bauku machine

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The bauku extrusion technology Ltd., short name "bauku" is producing extrusion lines for the manufacturing of plastic pipes since the year 1956. Our experience gained in selling these systems over decades, enables us to manufacture customized machinery designs for pipe projects all over the globe.So how is the bauku machine used? What bauku machines can our company provide?So how is the bauku machine used? What bauku machines can our company provide?


  • How is the bauku machine used?

  • What bauku machines can our company provide?

How is the bauku machine used?

Pipe installation:Plastic pipe systems have to be installed in the ground based on the general standards and guidelines.

It is important to know that our high quality pipe systems do not require any special preparation of the embedding from the contractor. The installation standards and guidelines are the same as with concrete, ductile iron, steel, GRP or other pipe materials.

Of course we give some additional hints in regard to the special advantages of our plastic pipe systems, in order to make the work of the contractor easier. In case the pipes are delivered with the extrusion weld joint, the electro fusion weld joint or the butt fusion joint, a qualified plastic welder has to be on the job site anyway. This plastic specialist can support the contractor to optimize the ground work around the pipe.

P:High ring stiffness profile pipes

The first extruded layer of the pipe is always a solid wall profile, followed with a second layer of a hollow round chamber. The round profile is formed with a core tube (see c-series machinery), which is surrounded with PE100 or modern PP inside the extruder die head. If a manhole shaft is produced, a third layer will add another solid wall profile.

The  extrusion  lines  can be equipped with one, two or three winding stations to  increase  the  efficiency  and  production  capacity  of  the  machinery. Each winding  station  is  able  to  handle  all  sizes  of mandrels within the designed diameter  range.  

C:Core tube as precursor for the p-series

The core tube needs a good flexibility combined with a high ring stiffness, but most of all it needs a high thermal stability. The tube is covered in the die head of the p-series later with 200°C hot PE or PP and it has to keep its round form until the surrounding hot material cools down.

The machinery is equipped with a double coil station in order to allow a continuous production. The coils are put on stock as a buffer and are used later at the p-series just in time. 

What bauku machines can our company provide?

Our company (Qingdao Yongke) has more types of bauku machines. Mainly: carat tube (high-density polyethylene structural wall hot wound pipe machine), carat tube production line, PP seamless winding tank production line. In addition, there are also bauku machines such as profile pipe, Bauku profilline pipe, Spirolite pipe, and wound pipe machine.

Welcome to our company to buy bauku machines. We will provide you with the best products and services. I wish you a happy life and good health.






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