Krah Pipe machine method characteristics and stacking principles
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Krah Pipe machine method characteristics and stacking principles

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The carat tube is high-density polythene (HDPE) wound structural wall tube that's fashioned by hot-winding. The wall pipe is created of high-density synthetic {resin} resin because the main material, adopts hot-winding poplar technology, and uses polypropene (PP) single-wall furrowed pipe because the structure forms a special structural wall pipe. What are the technical characteristics and stacking principles of the Krah Pipe machine? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Here is that the content:

l Main technological characteristics of Krah Pipe machine

l Stacking principle needs

Main technological characteristics of Krah Pipe machine

1. Throughout the forming method of the Krah Pipe machine, the plate deforms equally, the residual stress is tiny, and therefore the surface doesn't manufacture scratches. The processed carat tube has larger flexibility within the size and specification vary of diameter and wall thickness, particularly within the production of top-quality steel-grade thick-walled tubes, particularly tiny and medium-diameter thick-walled tubes, that have unmatched blessings in different processes, which might satisfy users a lot of needs in carat tube specifications.

2. Krah Pipe machine adopts a complicated double-sided submerged arc attachment method, which might notice attachment within the best position, and it's challenging to own defects like wrong edges, attachment deviation, and incomplete penetration, and it's straightforward to manage the attachment quality.

3. Krah Pipe machine performs 100% quality scrutiny on carat pipes so that the complete method of steel pipe production is underneath effective scrutiny and observance, which effectively guarantees product quality.

4. Krah Pipe machine all instrumentality of the whole mechanical system has the perform of networking with the pc information acquisition system, the Krah machine realizes the instant information transmission, and therefore the central room controls the technical parameters within the production method.

Stacking principle needs

1. Krah Pipe machine’s carat pipe stacking principle needs that underneath the premise of stable stacking and guaranteeing safety, stacking ought to be done per varieties and specifications. differing types of materials ought to be stacked severally to forestall muddling and mutual erosion;

2. It's proscribed to store things that area unit corrosive to steel round the Krah Pipe machine stack;

3. Very cheap of the Krah Pipe machine ought to be high, firm, and flat to forestall the fabric from being damp or deformed;

4. Identical materials area unit stacked severally per the order of storage;

5. The carat pipes stacked within the outside Krah Pipe machine should have picket mats or stones beneath, and therefore the stacking surface ought to be slightly inclined to facilitate avoidance and listen to the materials to be placed flat and straight to forestall bending and deformation;

6. The stacking height of carat pipes shall not exceed one.2m for manual work, 1.5m for mechanical work, and 2.5m in stack width;

7. There ought to be an explicit passage between the Krah Pipe machine stack and therefore the stack. The scrutiny passage is mostly 0.5m, and therefore the access passage depends on the scale of the fabric and therefore the transportation machinery, usually 1.5~2.0m;

8. The angle steel and channel steel stacked within the outside ought to be set down, that is, the mouth ought to be facing down, and therefore the I-beam ought to be placed upright. The grooved surface of the Krah Pipe machine steel shouldn't be facing up to avoid corrosion because of the buildup of water;

9. The peak of the stack bottom of the HDPE Krah Pipe machine ought to be raised. If the warehouse may be a sunny concrete floor, the peak ought to be 0.1m; if it's muddy, it ought to be raised by 0.2~0.5m. If it's an associate open field, the peak of the cement floor is 0.3-0.5m, and therefore the height of the sand-soil surface is 0.5-0.7m.

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