Product performance and structural composition of Krah machine
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Product performance and structural composition of Krah machine

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Carat tube is hot-wound high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structural wall tube. What are the product performance and structural composition of the Krah machine? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content:

l Product performance

l Structure and composition

Product performance

Krah machine products use high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) as raw materials, and PP or PE corrugated pipes are used as auxiliary support pipes. Krah machine uses heat-wound molding process to produce high-density polyethylene large-diameter winding reinforced pipes. Because this kind of pipe was originally introduced by a domestic company from the German Carat Company, this kind of pipe is commonly called Carat pipe in China. The official name of this kind of pipeline in China is: high-density polyethylene structural wall thermally wound pipe, and the national standard is GB/T 19472. 2-2017 B-type structural wall pipe. The Hdpe Krah Pipe machine product is environmentally friendly and safe. It has the advantages of a lightweight, strong pressure-bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, and convenient construction. It is widely used in urban water supply, drainage, and remote Water transportation and farmland irrigation, and other projects. The Krah machine pipe is light in weight and has good overall flexibility. It is the main pipe material of choice for buried sewage and drainage.

Structure and composition

l Tube structure

The nominal length of the carat tube is generally 6 meters. The carat tube body is divided into three parts, the first part is the socket, the second part is the main body of the tube, and the third part is the socket. These three parts are all formed online at one time. The thickness of each part can be flexibly produced according to the requirements of Hdpe Krah Pipe machine engineering. Therefore, the strength of the Krah machine pipe is very high

l Tube wall structure

The thickness of the water contact layer of the carat tube can be from 2mm to 300mm, so the carat tube can be used as a sewage or water supply pipe. Considering the reliability and construction of Krah machine pipes, it is recommended that the wall thickness of the horizontal layer be at least 4mm.

The load-bearing layer of the carat tube can adopt a variety of tube wall structures to enhance the ring stiffness according to the engineering requirements. These tube wall structures increase the ring stiffness while reducing the weight of the tube and saving materials. The ring stiffness of Krah machine pipes can be from 2KN/M2 to 32KN/M2.

l Pipe connection

The carat pipe is connected by socket-type electrofusion. The two ends of the Krah machine pipe are processed into a socket and a socket during production.

The electric fuse is embedded in the end, and when the pipeline is connected, the welding can be completed by only connecting to the power source, thereby ensuring zero leakage in the pipeline system.

l Pipe fittings

The carat pipe production line can produce SQ structure Krah machine pipes for various pipe fittings

l Inspection well

The carat pipe production line can produce SQ structure Krah machine pipes for various inspection wells

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