Production Process of Krah Pipes
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Production Process of Krah Pipes

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Krah pipes bring a lot of changes and convenience to our life. The futures of being rigid and eco-friendly make it being popular among people. Since krah pipes have many unique functions, do you know something about production process of krah pipes. If you are interested in this topic, please read the following passage.


The first step in production is heating. It is necessary to heat the steel roll mold of the krah equipment and then use the demolding technique to effectively separate the carat tube from the mold. The completion of the first step also provides the basis for the following steps.


The second step is entanglement. Using a hot roll forming technique, a 190℃ flat belt and a U-shaped belt extruded from the extruder were uniformly wound on a heated steel roll mold at a predetermined position. The welded joint of the flat belt is covered by the coated support tube, which improves the quality of the welded joint of the tube and the overall resistance of the product to external pressure.


The third step is to cut. According to the requirements, the krah tube is processed into a standard size, which means that the specifications of the krah tube can be made according to the customer's needs.


The fourth step is demoulding and trimming. Separate the Krah tube from the mold and modify it to make the tube look smooth. At the same time, there should be no air bubbles or visible impurities on the inner and outer walls of the pipe. If the surface of the carat is not smooth, it will affect the installation of the pipe, and even cause leakage in the future.


The fifth step is a pre-embedded electric fuse. The electric fuse is buried in the inner wall of the krah tube. This step essentially ensures the interface material, structure and characteristics of the pipe body, and realizes the integration of the joint and the pipe. Now, krah pipe connection technology is very mature, and it can be 100% leak-free during use.


The final step is weighing and checking. The krah tube is inspected, weighed, etc., in order to determine the state of the product and complete the forming work of the krah tube. Only in this way can we produce krah tubes that meet the specifications.


Tips: The construction method of krah pipes

1. First you need to choose the right krah tube. Before choosing a krah tube, you need to consider the site requirements and then purchase the krah tube according to the cable outer diameter, allowable voltage, current and other conditions you need.

2. When burying the krah tube, the trench should be trenched according to the regulations of the relevant departments and the user's needs. The width and depth of the trench should be calculated in advance, and the distance between the krah tubes is preferably 30 mm.

3. In order to prevent the krah tube from being squeezed, the pipe needs to be potted with cement. At the junction of the two sheathed pipes, the jacketed pipe ends shall be fixed with bricks and cement.

4. When the two geographical cable sheathing pipes are docked, first screw the joint to one end of the pipe, then spin it to the other end of the pipe, and then wrap it with PVC sealing tape.

5. After laying the cable jacket as required, backfill with the original soil of the trench and soil the soil.

Note: During the laying process, sand should be placed into the jacket.


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