The development of profiles pipes
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The development of profiles pipes

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Profiles pipes are mainly responsible for drainage tasks such as rainwater, sewage, irrigation, and drainage of farmland. Profiles pipe is a kind of material that is currently well-loved, popular, and widely used. Next, let us understand the development of profiles pipes. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l The industry is developing rapidly.

l Development status.

The industry is developing rapidly.

In recent years, due to the needs of national conditions and national policy guidance, profiles pipes have obtained rapid development opportunities and have now formed a considerable industry scale. According to relevant statistical reports, the annual consumption of profiles pipes in 1999 was more than 300,000 tons, an increase of more than 50% over 1998. At present, the total number of domestic imported and domestic profiles pipe production lines exceeds 2500, and the profiles pipe production capacity has exceeded 1 million tons. More than ten large-scale or super-large profiles pipe production plants with a capacity of more than 10000 tons have been built, and the industry is developing very rapidly.

Development status.

In the face of the continuous improvement and development of complex raw material formulations, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality and production efficiency requirements of profiles pipe products, it can show the lack of previous theories and experiments. In addition, being limited to experience and relying too much on repeated debugging and repairing models will inevitably cause more failures. As well as a lot of waste of manpower, energy and raw materials in the production process, it is also difficult to stably obtain high-quality products. However, from the development to today, the profiles pipe has been equipped with complete product standards, testing method standards and testing methods, construction engineering technical specifications, etc., thereby unifying product specifications, dimensions, and quality indicators, and achieving product interchangeability. This shows that the development of profiles pipes has entered a mature period, product quality and construction quality are guaranteed, thereby ensuring the use of profiles pipes. As one of the products of scientific and technological development, profiles pipes are visible in daily life. Market demand has a huge driving force. With the large-scale use of pipe bending profiles, profile sewer pipe, downpipe profiles, and other products, my country's profiles pipes have formed a considerable production capacity. The application of computer high-tech means has further promoted the development of profiles pipes in our country. The production speed of profiles pipes is continuously improved and its development continues.

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