The production method of the HDPE Krah Pipe machine
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The production method of the HDPE Krah Pipe machine

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The carat tube is a high-density synthetic resin (HDPE) wound structural wall tube that's shaped by hot-winding. What's the assembly method of the HDPE Krah Pipe machine?

Here is that the content:

Before molding

After molding

Before molding

The raw materials of the HDPE Krah Pipe machine square measure strip steel coil, attachment wire, and flux. Strict physical and chemical inspections square measure needed before investing. The strip steel head and tail square measure butt-jointed by single-wire or double-wire submerged arc attachment, and automatic submerged arc attachment are employed for repair attachment when helical into a steel pipe. Before the HDPE Krah Pipe machine product square measure shaped, the strip is leveled, trimmed, planed, surface cleansed, conveyed, and pre-curved. Krah Pipe machine uses electrical contact pressure gauges to regulate the pressure of the cylinders on either side of the conveyor to confirm the sleek delivery of HDPE Krah Pipe machine strips. Adopt external management or control roll forming. The weld gap management device is employed to confirm that the weld gap meets the attachment needs, and also the pipe diameter, the number of arrangements, and also the weld gap square measure strictly controlled. Each internal and external attachment of the Krah machine adopts Yankee Lincoln electrical attachment machine for single-wire or double-wire submerged arc attachment, to get stable HDPE Krah Pipe machine attachment specifications.

After molding

The welded seams welded by the HDPE Krah Pipe machine square measure all inspected by an internet continuous supersonic automatic flaw tester, that guarantees 100 percent non-destructive testing coverage of spiral welds. If there's a defect, it'll mechanically alarm and spray the mark, and also the production staff will change the method parameters at any time per this to eliminate the defect in time. Associate in Nursing air plasma cutting machine is employed to chop the steel pipe into individual items.

After the HDPE Krah Pipe machine cuts into single steel pipes, every batch of steel pipes should endure a strict initial examination system to see the mechanical properties, chemical composition, melting condition of the welds, the surface quality of the steel pipes and pass non-destructive inspections to confirm that the Krah machine is factory-made. when the tube method is qualified, it is often formally placed into production.

HDPE Krah Pipe machine welds have continuous sonic flaw detection marks. when manual supersonic and X-ray re-examination, if there square measure defects when repairing, they're going to undergo non-destructive examination once more till it's confirmed that the defects are eliminated.

The pipes wherever the strip butt attachment seams and also the D-shaped joints come across with the spiral attachment seams square measure all inspected by X-ray tv or cinematography. every steel pipe undergoes a hydraulics pressure check, and also the pressure adopts a radial seal. The check pressure and time square measure are strictly controlled by the steel pipe hydraulic personal computer detection device. The check parameters square measure mechanically written and recorded. HDPE Krah Pipe machine pipe ends square measure machined so the spatial relation, bevel angle, and obtuse edges of the top face are often accurately controlled.

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