Three core points of chemical tank spiral winding HDPE
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Three core points of chemical tank spiral winding HDPE

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There are three core points in the processing of chemical tank spiral winding HDPE: tank body fabrication, internal and external welding seam welding, and manhole installation. These three core points will affect the integrity, anti-aging ability, anti-leakage ability, service life, mechanical strength, and other properties of the tanks.

Here is the content:

l Tank body production

l Internal and external welding seam welding

l Manhole installation

Tank body production

HDPE spiral wound tanks body is made by spiral extrusion winding technology imported from Europe. Granular material is melted on the spiral extrusion winding unit. And then the molten extruded material is formed on the mold to form the tank body. And then the temperature is lowered to a certain degree and then the mold is removed, which can ensure the integrity of the tank body. In contrast, in the traditional processing form, the plate is welded into the tank because the width of the plate is 2000mm. The tank height is generally greater than 2000mm. In the actual processing is a section of the tank and then manually welded into shape. And then for safety reasons, in the tank splicing patch on a reinforcement ring.

Comparison of the two processes, HDPE seamless winding tank is a granular material directly processed into shape. There is no secondary processing, while traditionally the granular material is processed into plates, and then plates are processed into the tank; In addition, PPH winding storage tank does not exist seams, welding seams. There is no leakage, and because there is no chamfering welding, the overall mechanical strength is much greater than the traditionally manual process of storage tanks.

Internal and external welding seam welding

HDPE spiral wound tanks bottom plate, top plate outside the welding is the use of automatic extrusion welding unit. The bottom plate inside the welding seam is the use of a long-arm extrusion welding unit, while the traditional process is used to chamfer the manual welding after processing. The use of granular material made of welding rod secondary welding, and manual welding cannot control the degree. The base material and welding rod are difficult to dissolve in one, poor integrity, and HDPE spiral wound tanks process all to avoid such problems. In addition, the manual welding seam is slightly higher than the tank body, while the winding tank is formed by drag welding with a certain arc, and the welding seam is 50 mm higher than the tank body.

Manhole installation

Plastic tanks in the processing of manholes are crucial. The tank side bottom and top will generally open a manhole for maintenance and observation. Winding tank manhole weld using a large automatic extrusion welding gun welding, the principle of the same as the bottom plate inside and outside the weld. Similarly, the traditional processing process is to uses manual welding molding.

HDPE spiral wound tanks are a kind of large plastic storage tank and are also a promising kind of plastic storage tank in the international market today. Winding tank's advantages are mainly due to the change of processing technology, which makes it stand out among many tanks. Spiral wound tanks' various properties are much higher than those of tanks made by traditional processing technology. It is good integrity, corrosion resistance, good leakage resistance, good anti-aging performance, stable quality, high strength of welded seams, high aesthetics, and high quality. It has advantages such as high strength of welded seam, high aesthetics, and no weld flying edge.If you want to know more about HDPE/PP Helically Wound Tanks Machine and Krah Pipes products, you can feel free to contact us.





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