What are the application scenarios for the BAUKU pipe machine
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What are the application scenarios for the BAUKU pipe machine

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BAUKU pipe machine produces many varieties and specifications of shaped pipes. There are more than 10,000 kinds of shaped pipes. In the production of shaped pipes, most shaped pipe rolling mills produce multiple varieties and specifications, except for a few special rolling mills that produce special products. Therefore BAUKU pipe machine produces products that can be used in many scenarios, which are in great demand and have a broad market prospect. So do you know what are the application scenarios for BAUKU pipe machines?

Here is the content list:


•Underground drainage systems


The drainage pipes made by the BAUKU pipe machine are mainly responsible for the drainage of rainwater, sewage, and farmland irrigation. The BAUKU pipe machine produces drainage pipes that are perforated in the grooves and covered with needle-punched geotextiles around the outside of the pipe. As the holes are in the valleys and are long, they effectively overcome the disadvantages of flat round holes, which can easily be blocked and affect the drainage effect and can be evenly distributed over a range of 360, 270, 180, and 90 degrees. In addition, BAUKU pipe machines can be used in a wide range of drainage applications such as road and railway foundations, underground projects, landfill sites, tunnels, green belts, sports fields, and slope protection due to high water content, as well as underground irrigation and drainage systems for agriculture and horticulture. It has become one of the three main products in civil engineering construction (water infiltration and drainage) with soft permeable pipes and plastic blind ditches. Depending on the size of the drainage pressure, the municipal drainage network can use double-arm corrugated pipes and straight-walled pipes. Straight-walled pipes have a higher pressure-bearing capacity and can be used as special pipes for large drainage and sewage networks.

Underground drainage systems

The BAUKU pipe machine produces pipes that can be laid underground for the transport of liquids, gases, or loose solids. In ancient China, underground drainage pipes made of fired clay were already in use. During the Ming dynasty, when the capital of Beijing was built, a large number of underground drainage pipes were made of brick and stone. They were about 1 meter wide and up to 2 meters high. Modern underground pipes are available in a wide variety of sections, including round, oval, semi-oval, multi-circular, ovoid, rectangular (single, double, and multi-holes), and horseshoe shapes.

These are just some of the applications for the BAUKU pipe machine, which can be used for low-pressure applications such as drains, rainwater pipes, sewerage systems, and chemical storage tanks, as well as irrigation systems. If you need a BAUKU pipe machine, you can consider our cost-effective products. The materials used by EAGLE Company are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries. Eagle Co. is located at QINGDAO, is a professional manufacturer to produce large diameter HDPE/PP spiral profile wound pipe production lines. We are successful to supply all of the world with spiral profile wound pipe production lines from DN300mm to DN5000mm and have more than 10 years of experience.





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