Which shape of Downpipe is the best?
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Which shape of Downpipe is the best?

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The downpipe profile is used to collect rainwater on the roof, which is a component of the downwater system and is concentrated to the rainwater pipe laid below the ground. Downpipe  profiles can be divided into: 1. Metal pipes (such as cast iron pipes, color aluminum pipes, copper pipes, etc.); 2. Plastic pipes (such as PVC pipes, etc.). Among the many downpipe profiles, which one is better?


  • Which shape of downpipe profile is the best?

  • The downpipe profiles provided by the company.


1. Which shape of downpipe profile is the best?

  • Aluminum plastic pipe.

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is one of the common household downpipe profile. The advantages of aluminum plastic pipe are light weight, durable and easy to install. In addition, the flexibility of aluminum-plastic pipe is also a common factor contributing to it. However, when aluminum-plastic pipes are used as hot water pipes, long-term thermal expansion and contraction may cause dislocation of the pipe wall and eventually lead to leakage.

  • Galvanized pipe.

Now, galvanized pipes are commonly used for natural gas and heating. If galvanized pipes are used as downpipe profiles, a lot of rust will be produced in the pipes. Rust can cause excessive metal content in water and seriously endanger human health.

  • UPVC pipe.

It is actually a plastic pipe. The frost resistance and heat resistance of this pipe are not ideal, and therefore it is difficult to use it as a hot water pipe. In addition, due to its strength, it cannot meet the pressure requirements of the water pipe. Therefore, UPVC pipes are mainly used as electrical wires and sewage pipes.

  • PPR pipe.

It is a new type of downpipe profile material. PPR pipes can be used as cold water pipes or hot water pipes, or even pure drinking water pipes. Due to its non-toxic, light weight, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, it has now become a popular downpipe profile material. The interface of the PPR pipe adopts hot melt technology, even if it is used for a long time, it will not age and leak. In addition, PPR pipes are called green high-grade water supply materials. They will not scale, rust or leak.

  • Copper pipe.

Strong corrosion resistance and sterilization are the advantages of copper pipes as downpipe profile. There are two installation methods for copper pipes: ferrule and welding. If it is welded, it will never leak like a PPR pipe. But copper pipe has a fatal flaw, that is, it conducts heat very quickly.

One is the most commonly used PPR downpipe profile. There are many types of aluminum-plastic pipe, PERT pipe, PB pipe, galvanized pipe, and even copper pipe. Among them, PPR pipes have a larger market share and mainstream.


2. The downpipe profiles provided by the company.

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