Advantages of Polyethylene Pipe
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Advantages of Polyethylene Pipe

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How can we get a perfect alternatives of steel pipes to build our society? This means what kind of pipe has all good futures of steel pipe. Besides that, it should also have its own advantages which the steel pipe can not compare with. Polyethylene pipe gives us a new choice to make full use of pros of traditional pipes and brings other incomparable advantages.


This passage mainly analyzes the advantages of polyethylene pipe, as a result, gets the reasons why this pipe is becoming popular and used widely in our life. Here are some merits of polyethylene pipe.


Environmental protection

Polyethylene pipe has less impact on the environment than traditional pipelines. This is mainly reflected in the manufacturing process, transportation process, installation process and use process. The Polyethylene Pipe requires less energy than conventional pipes, and its lightweight features reduce transportation costs.


By connecting the pipe interface through hot melt technology, the fluid transported by the pipe is not easily leaked, and energy loss is reduced. Polyethylene Pipe does not release harmful gases after being burnt by fire. It does not release toxic substances during normal times and can be used with confidence. After use, the material can also be recycled.


Low maintenance costs

Ordinary metal pipes are prone to corrosion and rust problems after prolonged use. Corrosion brings huge maintenance costs to metal pipes, which inevitably increases the cost of pipes. In addition, because corrosion occurs inside and outside the pipeline, it greatly affects the working efficiency of the pipeline.


Rusting can bring some unpleasant odor to the transported liquid, which is not conducive to the use of daily life. The material of the PE pipe is a high molecular weight polyolefin, which has strong chemical inertness and is therefore resistant to substances such as acids and alkalis which are liable to cause rust.


Easy to install

PE pipes are very light, so floating on the water is not difficult for them. For installation and handling of pipes, the relevant installation and maintenance personnel prefer the polyethylene pipe because it requires less manpower and mechanical resources than conventional metal pipes, which makes installation easier. Although the PE pipe installation is easy, we believe that the installer must receive appropriate training.


Long service life

The polyethylene pipe is a safe and durable product that is ideally suited to the pipeline infrastructure. It is designed for underground work at 20 degrees Celsius and has a service life estimated to be between 50 and 100 years. It is longer and easier to repair than other pipes that offer the same service. However, the specific usable time of the polyethylene pipe depends on its application, design and installation. Professional installation and maintenance can extend the service life to a certain extent.


No leakage

The polyethylene pipe uses hot-melt welded pipe joints and then combines them to form an integral leak-free pipe. Conventional pipes are connected by bells and sockets or mechanical joints, posing a risk of leaking transport. According to the survey, the annual energy loss due to leakage accounts for a large proportion. Leakage not only increases energy losses, is not conducive to environmental protection, but also causes huge losses to the city's funds. The hot melt process is a guaranteed process that has been used by the natural gas industry for more than 40 years, so it is also very mature and can be used with confidence.


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