Corrugated Krah machined equipment structure and process characteristics
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Corrugated Krah machined equipment structure and process characteristics

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The corrugated Krah machine is used to deal with the paper cutting needs in the post-printing period. From the mechanical paper cutter to the tape-controlled corrugated Krah machine, and then to the computer program control, color display, full-image operation guided visual processing and computer-assisted cutting, external programming and editing production data cutting system to make production preparation time Shorter, higher cutting precision, lower labor intensity, and safer operation. What are the structure and process characteristics of corrugated Krah machined equipment? Next, let us take a look.

Here is the content:

l The working principle of fly milling pipe

l Disc scissor plate structure

l The rear-axle flexible transmission mechanism

The working principle of fly milling pipe

To solve the problem of flying cut to length for super large diameter thin-walled spiral welded pipes, a corrugated Krah machine was first carried out and then gas cutting, milling, and sawing tests were done. Among them, the milling method is better. The vertical roller and the flat roller are close to the pipe end and the outer pipe wall in operation and are connected with the pull rod through the connecting rod. The pull rod is connected with the pipe cutting head and guided by the pressure roller. Then the tracking and synchronization of the cutting process can be realized. The steel pipe became an ellipse after being out of the output guide frame. When the corrugated Krah machine bridge is fine-tuned, the pipe jitters and the welding seam height and diameter change all give the pipe cutting tool variable impact force and damage the tool.

Disc scissor plate structure

Generally, the corrugated Krah machine disc cutter has two types: cantilever type and through shaft type. The latter is more rigid than the former, but it takes time and effort to replace the cutter head. For this, we adopt a split structure. It has the characteristics of through-shaft rigidity and cantilever type for easy maintenance. To improve its service life and solve the phenomenon of blade scarring. We use a warm spheroidizing annealing treatment to obtain satisfactory results.

A rear-axle flexible transmission mechanism

The corrugated Krah machine rear axle transmission commonly uses the forming revolving central gear transmission method and the rear axle far-end fan-shaped rack transmission method. The corrugated Krah machine adopts the steel rope driving method, and the steel rope is wound on a drivable drum. Both ends of the Krah machine are connected to the rear axle through adjustable lockers, and the rear axle can be driven. Years of production practice have proved that the corrugated Krah machine flexible transmission method has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable use, and low investment.

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