High-density polyethylene used by Krah machine
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High-density polyethylene used by Krah machine

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When we use the Krah machine to produce Krah pipes, the Krah pipes we produce are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a white powder or granular product. Next, we will briefly introduce the raw materials used in this kind of Krah pipes.


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Basic Information

Development of HDPE adopted by Krah machine

The molecular structure of Krah machine high-density polyethylene


Basic Information

The HDPE used by the Krah machine is odorless, with a crystallinity of 80% to 90% and a softening point of 125 to 135°C. The HDPE used by the Krah machine can be used at a temperature of 100°C; the HDPE used by the Krah machine has a hardness, tensile strength, and creep Better than low-density polyethylene; good abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, toughness, and cold resistance; the HDPE used in Krah machine has good chemical stability, is insoluble in any organic solvents at room temperature, and is resistant to acids, alkalis, and various Salt corrosion; the HDPE film used by Krah machine has low permeability to water vapor and air, and low water absorption; the HDPE used by Krah machine has poor aging resistance, and its resistance to environmental stress cracking is not as good as that of low-density polyethylene, especially thermal oxidation The effect will reduce its performance, so antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers must be added to the resin used by Krah machine to improve this deficiency. The HDPE film used by the Krah machine has a low thermal deformation temperature under stress, so pay attention to it when applying it.


Development of HDPE adopted by Krah machine

In this century, revolutionary progress has taken place in the pipeline field, that is, "plastics instead of steel". The development of the Krah machine With the rapid progress of polymer material science and technology, the deepening of the development and utilization of Krah machine's plastic pipes, the continuous improvement of Krah machine production technology, Krah machine plastic pipes vividly demonstrate their excellent performance. Today, Krah machine plastic pipes are no longer mistaken as "cheap substitutes" for metal pipes. In this Krah machine revolution, polyethylene pipes have become more popular and are increasingly dazzling. Krah pipes produced by the Krah machine are widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mine fine solids transportation, and oil fields and chemical industries. In the fields of post and telecommunications, especially Krah pipes produced by Krah Machine have been widely used in gas transmission.


The molecular structure of Krah machine high-density polyethylene

Krah machine high-density polyethylene is usually manufactured by the Ziegler-Natta polymerization method. Its characteristic is that there are no branches on the molecular chain. Therefore, the HDPE molecular chain used by the Krah machine is arranged regularly and has a higher density. The HDPE process adopted by the Krah machine uses ethylene as the raw material in a tubular or kettle-type low-pressure reactor, and the Krah machine uses oxygen or organic peroxide as the initiator to initiate the polymerization reaction.


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