How to classify plastic water pipes ?
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How to classify plastic water pipes ?

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 Modern people are inseparable from water pipes, and water pipes are concealed works. water pipe s are very important to our lives, so choosing water pipe is very important. The quality of the water pipe is closely related to our diet and health. Generally, there are more plasticwater pipe s used in home decoration. How do you classify plastic water pipes? What kind of is there? 


  • How to classify plastic water pipes?

  • What is the type of plastic water pipe ?

How to classify plastic krah pipe ?

1. Classification of resin raw materials used in krah pipe

2. Classification according to the use of water pipes

3. Classification according to the smooth state of plastic water pipe  surface

4. According to the number of layers of water pipes, they can be divided into single-layer water pipe s and composite water pipe s.

5. Classification according to the degree of hardness and softness of water pipes

What is the type of plastic water  pipe ?

There are mainly polyvinyl chloride water pipe (PVC water pipe ), polyethylene water pipe  (PE water pipe ), polypropylene water pipe (PP water pipe ), abs water pipe , chlorinated polyvinyl chloride water pipe rubber-plastic water pipe  (SR water pipe ), polybutylene water pipe  (PB water pipe ) and glass fiber reinforced therm osetting plastic water pipe  (GRP water pipe ). These plastic water pips include unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin as binders, glass will be used. Strengthened water pipe s made of fibers or fiberglass cloth by mechanical winding or hand pasting.

Plastic water pipe s are usually divided into pressure water pipes and atmospheric water pipes (non-pressure water pipes). Pressure water pipe s include building water pips and drinking water  pipes, oil and gas water pipe lines, vacuum water pipe s, sewage pressure water pipe s and some pressurized water pipes, such as atmospheric pressure water pipe s, including building sewer water pipe s, sewage water pipe  systems, emptying water pipe s, building or bridge rain water pipe s and electrical appliances and wire protection sleeves. Smooth water pipe : refers to a kind of water pipe  whose inner and outer walls are smooth. Common water pipe s belong to this kind.Threaded water pipe : refers to a kind of water pipe  with smooth outer wall and threaded inner wall. It is mainly used in sewer water pipe , which can form spiral shape and effectively reduce noise.Bellows: refers to a kind of water pipe  whose inner and outer walls are not smooth. 

The advantage of this kind of water pipe  is that it can bend freely, and the elbow can be saved at the corner. It is often used in the water pipe line inside the building wall. The corrugated water pipe  made of HDPE has many advantages, such as excellent mechanical properties, good environmental stress cracking resistance, good thermal stress cracking resistance, good chemical corrosion resistance and not easy to penetrate. It can save raw materials and can be used to transport gas, water, etc.Winding water pipe : refers to a kind of water pipe  whose inner and outer walls are not smooth, but it is different from the forming method of bellows.Single-layer water pipe : refers to a kind of water pipe  with single-layer structure made of the same material, such as PVC and HDPE water pipe s. Composite water pipe : refers to a kind of water pipe  with multi-layer structure made of the same or different materials, such as aluminium-plastic composite water pipe , steel-plastic composite water pipe , fiber reinforced water pipe , steel wire reinforced water pipe  and steel band reinforced bellows, etc. Aluminum-plastic composite water pipe s and steel-plastic composite water pipe s are new water pipe s developed in the 1990s. They have both advantages of metal and plastic, such as metal strength, antistatic property, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, heat preservation and longevity of plastics. 

The structure of the aluminium-plastic composite water pipe is the addition of plastic mixture. Fiber reinforced water pipe and steel wire reinforced water pipe  are made by adding high strength fiber or steel wire material into plastic material. Belt reinforced corrugated water pipe is a new type of water pipe with high rigidity, impact resistance, compression resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and flexibility of plastics. It can replace steel water pipe , cast iron water pipe , cement water pipe  and asbestos water pipe for drainage and underground cable.

The composit krah pipeis a new type ofwater water pipe developed in the 1990s. It has the dual advantages of metal and plastic, namely the strength, antistatic property, flame retardancy of the metal, corrosion resistance, heat preservation and longevity of the plastic.

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