Pipe repair-related information for profile sewer pipe
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Pipe repair-related information for profile sewer pipe

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The drainage system of the profile sewer pipe is closely related to various drainage functions. When the drainage pipeline is damaged, the drainage pipeline should be repaired immediately to maintain the continuous operation of various drainage functions. Next, let's take a look at the relevant information about the pipe repair of the profile sewer pipe. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l The operation method of maintenance.

l Precautions for maintenance.

The operation method of maintenance.

First of all, find out the damaged part of the profile sewer pipe, clean it up, and keep the pipe dry. Second, use a saw blade to cut off a protruding round hoop inside the direct pipe, and polish it to be smooth. Third, use a measuring ruler to measure the height of the direct pipe fittings on the profile sewer pipe, and cut off a few centimeters for easy connection. At the same time, cut off the damaged drainage pipe and spread the joints evenly with glue. Fourth, connect the direct pipe fittings to the drainage pipe, and after reaching the level of the nozzle, press the direct pipe fittings into the drainage pipe and connect firmly. After the glue is completely dry, perform an irrigation experiment. Finally, fix the pipe.

Precautions for maintenance.

One is to pay attention to the glue at the interface. The staff brushes the glue when repairing the drainage pipe, and must first clean up the muck at the joint with a towel. At the same time, when brushing glue, apply glue to the outer circle of the profile sewer pipe and the inner circle of the pipe fittings, and pay attention to thoroughly prevent the drain pipe from leaking. The second is to pay attention to the slope of the profiles pipe. When installing the drainage pipe, the slope must be mastered. Generally, the water inlet is required to be higher than the water outlet. Note that the principle is not to raise the ground after the drainage pipe is installed. The third is that the length of the profile sewer pipe should not be too long. The longer the drainage pipe, the more disadvantaged the drainage, especially the flat pipe. If the drainpipe is too long, it is prone to blockage. Fourth, pay attention to fixing drainage pipes. After the drainage pipeline is reconstructed, it is necessary to pay attention to the irrigation experiment to ensure that the pipeline does not leak. Afterward, fix the pipes and fix the pipes on the suspended ceiling with elevators. The distance between the pipes on the suspended ceiling is required to be even. The pipes on the ground shall be covered and buried with cement or plaster to prevent damage caused by trampling.

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