The advantages and working principles of corrugated Krah machine
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The advantages and working principles of corrugated Krah machine

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The corrugated Krah machine is used to deal with the paper cutting needs in the post-printing period. From a mechanical paper cutter to a tape-controlled paper cutter, and then to a computer-assisted cutting system with program control, color display, full-image operation guided visualization processing, and computer-aided cutting, external programming and editing of production data, making production preparation time shorter, higher cutting precision, lower labor intensity, and safer operation. What are the advantages and working principles of corrugated Krah machines? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content:

l Advantage

l Working principle


Corrugated Krah machine optimized heavy-duty frame design, precision machining, stable performance, sturdiness, and durability; corrugated Krah machine adopts new high-integration and high-stability components, and original electronic tool position indicator line to ensure reliable operation of corrugated Krah machine; touch-type button panel, Two-hand interlocking device, automatic reset function, to ensure absolute safety. Using high-speed steel blades, sharp and durable; Krah Pipe machine's unique failure self-detection function, make your operation handier.

Working principle

The operation of corrugated Krah machines is relatively simple, and the requirements for the environment are not high. Usually, in the general office, the power supply can be used to ensure that the power supply can be used for work. Generally, the corrugated Krah machine has an automatic switch system. As long as the paper is input, the Krah machine will automatically rotate and shred the paper. For some corrugated Krah machines, you need to press the start button, the paper cutter will rotate, and the paper can continue to be cut. After shredding, press the stop/reverse key to stop the paper cutter.

Before the corrugated Krah machine shreds the paper, check whether there are hard objects such as paper clips and staples on the documents to be shredded. If there is, it should be removed and then put into the paper opening, otherwise, the cutter may be damaged. When using the Krah machine, you should be careful not to cram too much paper, especially paper of better quality, and pay more attention when using it to avoid paper jams. Try to place it in the center of the paper inlet.

For early corrugated Krah machine products, once a paper jam occurs during use, press the back button or stop button to enable the shredder to continue to be used. Most corrugated Krah machines are equipped with overload and power-off protection devices. When the motor is overloaded and heats up, it will automatically stop. At this time, stop using it for 20-30 minutes to allow the motor to cool down. At the same time, consider appropriately reducing the amount of input paper when using it again. The more advanced corrugated Krah machine will automatically stop and eject paper once it is overloaded, which is more convenient to use. When the box of the corrugated Krah machine is full, some machines will automatically make a sound to remind people to remove paper scraps in time.

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