The basic introduction of the BAUKU pipe machine
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The basic introduction of the BAUKU pipe machine

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BAUKU pipe machine has the functions of lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to operate on-site. You can use the BAUKU pipe machine to cut steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, and Multilayer pipes.


Here is the content list:

Advantages and innovations

Working principle

Operation process



Advantages and innovations:

1. BAUKU pipe machine greatly improves and eases installation safety and fire safety;

2. BAUKU pipe machine precision cutting, cutting both sides of the pipe are flat, easy to connect.

3. BAUKU pipe machine cutting method is simple, fast, and saves a lot of work time.

4. Provide a light working method, according to the BAUKU pipe machine workplace (site) to design their cutting program;

5. BAUKU pipe machine has high security and does not need to move the pipe by hand.

6. BAUKU pipe machine will not produce sparks and dust to the outside when cutting.

7. The BAUKU pipe machine has full functions, and can cut all kinds of built pipes in the power system;

8. BAUKU pipe machine cutting pipe materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, the multi-layer pipe can be cut;

9. BAUKU pipe machine has no specific requirements for pipe diameter and working platform.

10. Good quality and low price, high-cost performance.


Working principle

The automatic BAUKU pipe machine can automatically clamp the material, feed,ize, stop, and work measurement. The main circuit of the BAUKU pipe machine adopts PLC. BAUKU pipe machine automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, cutting 10-50 times per minute. The counter can set the times of cutting and stop automatically after cutting. Among them, the BAUKU pipe machine does not need manual operation at all. It has higher mechatronics, and even one person can operate multiple BAUKU pipe machines, reducing the number of employees. The total counter of the BAUKU pipe machine can count the workload record of a day. The total pressure, front pressure, back pressure, and pressure can be adjusted without any section to ensure that the workpiece of the BAUKU pipe machine is not pinched and deformed. The servo BAUKU pipe machine is adopted, and the length accuracy of the pipe cutting is ensured within plus or minus 0.05mm (the error mainly occurs on the steel pipe and the cutter), and the incision is glossy without burr.


Operation process

1. Check before starting the BAUKU pipe machine

Check if the BAUKU pipe machine saw blade is in good condition, and replace it if there is a crack or missing.

According to the specifications of the high-pressure hose, replace the corresponding locating pin and guide sleeve of the BAUKU pipe machine.

2. Operation steps

Turn on the BAUKU pipe machine and start the motor.

Insert the cut high-pressure hose into the guide sleeve of the replaced BAUKU pipe machine, pull the knife handle to drive the horse to push into the BAUKU pipe machine saw blade, then the hose will be cut off, and when the sliding plate is reset, it will be pulled back to its original position by two tension springs.

Insert the inner hole of the cut hose into the BAUKU pipe machine locating pin, and when the saw blade rotates, make the BAUKU pipe machine cut off a seam to prepare the rubber strip, to ensure that the rubber hose is stripped, resulting in good glue breaking effect.

After working, the BAUKU pipe machine must be powered off.


The BAUKU pipe-making machine manufactured by Eagle Co. has the characteristics of light weight, convenient carrying, and convenient on-site operation. If you want more information, please contact Eagle Co.

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