The performance of the bellows produced by the Krah machine  
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The performance of the bellows produced by the Krah machine  

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However, due to the application of deeper theories and computational mathematics methods, there are certain difficulties in engineering applications, and further popularization is needed. So let’s take a closer look at the other characteristics of the Krah machine bellows


Here is the content list:

l Natural frequency

l Operating temperature

Natural frequency

The Krah machine bellows elastic elements used in an industry often have a certain degree of vibration in the working environment. Some of the Krah machine bellows elements are used as vibration isolation components. It is under vibration conditions. For the elastic components of the Krah machine bellows under special conditions, it is necessary to prevent the natural frequency (especially the fundamental frequency) of the Krah machine bellows from being close to the vibration frequency of any vibration source in the system to avoid resonance.The Krah machine bellows components have been widely used in various fields. In order to avoid the resonance surface damage of the bellows, the natural frequency of the Krah machine bellows should be lower than the vibration frequency of the system, or at least higher than the system vibration frequency 50% higher. According to the working conditions of the bellows and the requirements for its use, the ultimate stress can be the yield strength, the critical stress when the Krah machine bellows are unstable, or the fatigue strength. To calculate the maximum working stress of the Krah machine bellows, the stress distribution in the wall of the Krah machine bellows must be analyzed.


Operating temperature

The Krah machine metal bellows components have a wide operating temperature range, which is generally given before the design and manufacture of elastic components. Some special-purpose the Krah machine bellows have liquid oxygen (-196℃) or lower temperature liquid nitrogen in the inner cavity, and the pressure is as high as 25MPa. When the Krah machine's bellows are used in force balance instruments and field platforms that need to convert pressure to force, their effective area should be accurately determined, and measurements should be made one by one.

The large-scale corrugated expansion joint (nominal diameter sometimes exceeds lm) for the connection of the Krah machine corrugated pipe network system requires a pressure of 4MPa, temperature resistance of 400°C, and a certain degree of corrosion resistance. The temperature adaptability of the Krah machine bellows elastic element depends on the temperature resistance of the elastic material used. Therefore, according to the use temperature range of the elastic element, the Krah machine corrugated pipe elastic material with appropriate temperature performance parameters can be selected to process and manufacture qualified Krah machine corrugated pipe components.


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