The processing method of high-density polyethylene used by Krah machine
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The processing method of high-density polyethylene used by Krah machine

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The PE used in the Krah machine can be made in a wide range of different processing methods. PE used in the Krah machine uses ethylene as the main raw material, propylene, 1-butene, and hexene as copolymers. Under the action of PE catalyst used in Krah machine, Krah machine adopts slurry polymerization or gas-phase polymerization process. The polymer of the Krah machine is obtained through flash evaporation, separation, drying, granulation, and other processes to obtain the finished product with uniform particles.


Here is the content list:

The main production process of PE

PE transportation of the Krah machine


The main production process of PE

HDPE is suitable for all kinds of molding process of the Krah machine with good processability

Extrusion: the grade used for extrusion production generally has a melt index of less than 1 and a medium width to a width of MWD. In the Krah machine process, low MI can obtain appropriate melt strength. Wider MWD grades are more suitable for extrusion because they have higher production speed, lower die pressure, and reduced melt fracture trend.

PE of the Krah machine has many extrusion applications, such as wire, cable, hose, pipe, and profile. The Krah machine's pipe applications range from small cross-section yellow pipe for natural gas to thick wall black pipe for industrial and urban pipelines. The Krah machine's large-diameter hollow wall pipes are growing rapidly as substitutes for concrete rainwater drainage pipes and other sewer pipelines of the Krah machine.

Sheet and thermoforming: the thermoforming lining of many large refrigerators is made of PE of the same material as the Krah machine, which has tough, lightweight, and durable. Other sheets and thermoforming products of the Krah machine include mudguards, tank liners, pan shields, transport boxes, and cans. A large number of rapidly growing sheet applications of the Krah machine are plastic film or CHIDI village, which is based on the toughness, chemical resistance, and impermeability of MDPE of the Krah machine.

Blow molding: over HDPE1/3 used in the United States is used for blow molding purposes. The Krah machine's PE ranges from bleach, oil, and detergent to large refrigerators, car fuel tanks, and cans. The characteristics of the PE blow molding grade of the Krah machine, such as melt strength, es-cr, and toughness, are similar to the sheet and thermoforming application grade of PE used for the Krah machine, so a similar grade can be adopted.

Injection blow molding is usually used to make smaller containers (less than 16oz) of the Krah machine. One of the advantages of the Krah machine's PE process is that it can automatically remove the edges and corners of the production bottle, and does not need the post-finishing steps like the general blow molding process. Although some narrow MWD grades are used to improve the PE surface finish of the Krah machine, medium wide to wide MWD grades are generally used.

PE transportation of the Krah machine

The PE of the Krah machine should be kept away from the fire source and heat insulation. The PE warehouse of the Krah machine should be kept dry and tidy. No impurities must be mixed. The PE transportation of the Krah machine shall be stored in a clean, dry, ceiling car or cabin, with no iron nails and other sharp objects. It is strictly forbidden to mix the Krah machine PE with flammable aromatic hydrocarbon, halogenated hydrocarbon, and other organic solvents.

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