What you should know about Krah Pipes?
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What you should know about Krah Pipes?

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Do you know what is Krah Pipes? Many people know that HDPE spiral profile pipe is very practical and will choose it when it is used, but I don't know why I made this choice. I don't know the specific information of winded profile pipes. Such a choice is blind, and it is not known that Krah Pipe can't contribute to its progress. After all, an item that needs to be used for a long time needs to be developed, and the more people understand it, the more it contributes to its development. This article will introduce information about Krah Pipes.


The content list of this article:

1 Structural parameters

2 Advantages

3 conclusion



1.Structural parameters

l Material

Polyethylene (PE63, PE80 and PE100) and polypropylene are thermoplastics with good water and sewer applications and can also be used to make liquid and solid material containers. Environmentally friendly polyethylene and polypropylene are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and are ideal for transporting and storing a wide range of liquids.

Winded profile pipes can be made from the following thermoplastic materials:

Polyethylene (PE80 and PE100)

l Polypropylene (PP-R; PP-H; PP-S)

These materials have the following characteristics. Other materials may be used for quality control after prior acceptance by the manufacturer and third parties. However, the processed material should have the specifications listed below. Due to the latest developments, polypropylene has a very high stiffness and can be used.

In addition, pipes of between 1 and 6 meters in length can be produced. The longer the pipe, the less joints are needed, which facilitates the installation of the pipe. In addition, connected pipes can be delivered, significantly reducing field installation time. Pipes up to 18 m in length usually consist of 3 pipe segments.

l Pipe length

The standard laying length (L) of the Krah Pipe is 6 meters as it is easy to handle, store and transport.

l Pipe diameter

The inner diameter (ID) of the Krah Pipe can range from DN 500 mm to DN 3000 mm. The nominal diameter (DN) is consistent with the inside diameter (ID) of the pipe because the wall thickness can be increased or decreased while the pipe design changes, while the inner diameter remains the same. This ensures that the specified hydraulic capacity required for installation is maintained.

l Profiled pipe wall

The biggest advantage of this development is that the profiled tube is very lightweight, but it can also be used in high load applications. Producing pipes with the same static performance requires much less material than solid wall tubes, which means significant material cost savings. The static load that can be supported is determined by the elastic modulus (N/mm2) of each material and the geometric moment of inertia of the profile (mm4/mm), with reference to the pipe diameter. The result is called ring stiffness. The use of a profiled tube reduces the weight by 65% compared to a solid wall tube with the same ring stiffness. Krah Pipes provide the best safety and durability. The wall thickness of our pipes can be adjusted step by step according to their respective loads.



l Durability

Low investment costs and a service life of over 100 years reduce the operating costs

l Time saving

Up to 30% savings when laying the light and flexible pipes with lengths of 6m

l Maintenance

The smooth inner surface reduces maintenance and clearing costs considerably

l Hydraulics

Due to the very good hydraulic properties, smaller pipe diameters can be used compared to current traditional pipe materials

l Tightness

100% tight joints: no infiltration or exfiltration, no root penetration due to welded system

l Lengths

The standard lengths of 6m reduces the amount of joints

l Integrated E-fusion

Every pipe can have an integrated electro fusion

Temperature resistance of the pipes ranges between minus 40 degrees and 80 degrees CelsiusEnvironmental friendly

All materials can easily be recycled and lead back into the production cycle

l Flexibility

The pipes are secure against fracture, even in case of earth movement

l Easy handling

Due to the low weight and the quick assembly, the pipes are very easy to handle



This article introduces some of the things about Winded profile pipes, I believe you will have a little initial understanding. If you want to know more, you can always contact us, we will have someone to introduce you. The more you know about Krah Pipe, the better it will help you.





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