Which pipe can not be used for drinking water?
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Which pipe can not be used for drinking water?

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For a long time, people have always believed that tap water is safe and hygienic. However, because of the pollution of water pipes, today's tap water is no longer hygienic. According to a survey, there are 2,221 chemical pollutants detected in tap water around the world, some of which are identified as carcinogens or carcinogens.

Outline :

  • How to Know the Standard of Drinking Water Pipeline?

  • How do you know the common water pipes that can't be used for drinking water?

How to Know the Standard of Drinking Water Pipeline?

Common drinking water pipes are galvanized steel water pipe 

1.Galvanized steel water pipe are divided into cold galvanized steel water pipe and hot galvanized steel water pipe .The cold galvanized steel pipe has been banned, and the latter is also advocated for temporary use by the state.Four ministries, such as the Ministry of Construction of China, have banned galvanized water pipe as water supply water pipe since 2000. Galvanized water pipe are seldom used in cold water pipe of newly built residential areas, and galvanized water pipe are used in hot water pipe of some residential areas. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in fire fighting, electric power and expressway.

2.UPVC water pipe are based on polyvinyl chloride resin, which has excellent properties such as accurate temperature sensing, timely melting and rapid absorption of effective ingredients of additives when reducing the attraction between resin molecular chains. At the same time, the world famous calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizer is used. UPVC water pipe can capture, inhibit, absorb and neutralize the removal of hydrogen chloride in the process of resin being heated and melted, and react with polyene structure by double bond addition to replace active and unstable chlorine atoms in molecules. Thus, the catalytic degradation and oxidative decomposition of resin in molten state can be effectively and scientifically controlled.

3. Aluminum plastic pipe

Aluminum-plastic pipe is a new type of pipe, which is composed of middle longitudinal welded aluminium pipe, inner and outer polyethylene plastic and hot melt glue between layers. Polyethylene is a non-toxic, odorless plastic with good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Longitudinal welding of aluminium alloy in the middle layer makes the pipe have the compressive strength of metal, and the impact resistance makes the pipe easy to bend and not rebound. Aluminum-plastic compound pipe is a model of the new generation of water pipe , which has two major characteristics: strong pressure resistance of metal water pipe  and acid-alkali corrosion resistance of plastic water pipe . Aluminum-plastic pipe (Aluminum-plastic composite pipe) is a popular pipe material in the market. Because of its light weight, durability and convenient construction, and the flexibility of Aluminum-plastic pipe (Aluminum-plastic composite pipe) is more suitable for home decoration.

How do you know the common water pipes that can't be used for drinking water?

First Hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) water pipes cannot be used as pipes for drinking water. Because pvc-u contains lead salt stabilizers, lead is a toxic substance that will seep out during use and endanger human health.

Second Cold galvanized steel pipes have been banned, and the latter has been promoted by the state for temporary use. In the 1960s and 1970s, developed countries in the world began to develop new types of pipes and banned galvanized pipes. The Ministry of Construction and other four ministries also issued a document clarifying that galvanized pipes should be banned as water supply pipes from 2000. The chilled pipes in newly built communities have rarely used galvanized pipes, and some districts use galvanized pipes for hot water pipes. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in fire protection, electric power and highways.

Stainless steel materials can be implanted into human health materials, so for water pipes, the selection of stainless steel pipes is the most conducive to health. In the immersion water test, all the indicators meet the requirements of the relevant national drinking water standards. Stainless steel pipeline has smooth inner wall, no fouling in long-term use, no bacterial contamination, no need to worry about water quality, and can prevent secondary pollution of water.Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd  focuses on developing and manufacturing the technology and equipment to produce Krah Pipes, Profiled Pipe Making Machine, Tank Winding Machine, Mandrel (production tool), Single wall corrugated pipe machine, manhole boring machine, etc..





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