Can You Bury Gas Line?
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Can You Bury Gas Line?

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Krah Pipes

While our houses are decorating, we all will face a problem that concerns with gas line. Gas line conveys natural gas which is important to our daily life. However, there is also potential danger in it. So, how should we install gas line properly? Here are some questions and answers that you can refer to.

Can I bury natural gas pipe line in the wall?

Absolutely cannot. National mandatory regulation must walk bright tube! Had better gas conduit refit puts on record to local gas company, and by gas company construction, the likelihood goes up in charge should a bit more expensive, but safety is more important, also save future when gas is checked by amerce!

Does the natural gas pipe line need to be embedded in home?

The main road cannot be moved, the rest, branch pipe can be buried in the wall, but as far as possible in the middle of the pipe is not connected directly with tube bending, connected to the kitchen, water heater, gas meter pipe is best out of the wall.

Natural gas water heater is on the balcony. It needs to connect with natural gas pipe. Can natural gas pipe bury in the wall?

Can't! The country has strict management system, gas pipe line cannot cross a room, cannot bury of concealed conduit.

How about installing a gas line at home?

You cannot install gas water heater in toilet! It's a safety rule (and it doesn't matter how well your bathroom is ventilated). How long the natural gas pipe line is connected in the home installation generally does not matter. Just make sure the connection is good and the pipe is in accordance with the safe gas pipe. But, do not press safe regulation, installation of water heater burning gas in toilet is to have life danger! Suggest you still buy electric water heater. If you think the volumetric type is too expensive, you can buy the instant type, which will turn on the hot water as soon as it is turned off. This kind of product homebred, foreign have, the dosage size according to you, can undertake choosing. When my bridal chamber receives a room, discover development business is designing when separate kitchen and toilet more

In home installation, the copper pipe used for embedded natural gas pipe, how to test leakage?

If you open the natural gas valve, you can detect whether there is any leakage. However, the installation of natural gas pipe line is arranged by professional installation personnel of the gas company, so there is no need to worry about the leakage phenomenon. If we find our own workers to install it, it will be an illegal operation. If something goes wrong, the owner should be responsible for all the responsibilities. Therefore, when we need to transform the gas pipe line, we should apply.

What is the cost of burying a household gas pipe line?

This should see the gas company of place city how to stipulate. Change of natural gas pipe line inside the home should be carried out by the installation team of city gas company, different city collects fees standard is different.

When decorating, I buried natural gas conduit in ceramic tile. If I want to male it out, what should I do?

In that case, let's stick to the status quo, and if something goes wrong in the future -- and that's going to be years from now -- move the cabinets and deal with it later.

Natural gas water heater is put on the balcony. It needs to go from the kitchen natural gas conduit. Can natural gas conduit bury in the wall?

Gas pipe line as far as possible do not bury inside the wall, if for the sake of beauty must, suggest you do not bury directly. You can first bury a PVC wire pipe (about 25mm in diameter) to put the gas pipe into it.

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