Characteristics of Profile HDPE Pipe
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Characteristics of Profile HDPE Pipe

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Many people are not very clear about HDPE profile pipes. This article explains the characteristics of HDPE profile pipes.


Characteristics of Profile HDPE Pipe

The profile HDPE pipe provided by the company.


Characteristics of Profile HDPE Pipe

[Basic characteristics] The material of HDPE profile pipe is mainly HDPE. High-density polyethylene is an opaque white waxy material with a specific gravity lighter than water, with a specific gravity of 0.941~0.960. It is soft and tough, but slightly harder than LDPE, stretchable, non-toxic and tasteless.

[Combustion characteristics] HDPE profile pipe is flammable and can continue to burn after catching fire. The upper end of the flame is yellow, and the lower end is blue. It will melt when burning, dripping liquid, no black smoke, and emit a paraffin odor.

[Main advantages] HDPE profile pipes are resistant to acids and alkalis, organic solvents, excellent electrical insulation, and still maintain a certain degree of toughness at low temperatures. Surface hardness, tensile strength, stiffness and other mechanical strength are higher than LDPE, close to PP, tougher than PP, but the surface finish is not as good as PP.

[Main disadvantages] HDPE profile pipe has poor mechanical properties, poor air permeability, easy deformation, easy aging, easy brittleness, more brittle than PP, easy to stress cracking, low surface hardness, easy to scratch. Printing is difficult. When printing, surface discharge treatment is required, no electroplating is required, and the surface becomes dull.

[Use] HDPE profile pipes are used for extrusion of packaging films, ropes, woven bags, fishing nets, water pipes; injection molding low-end daily necessities and shells, non-load-bearing parts, plastic boxes, turnover boxes; extrusion blow molding containers, hollow products, bottles.

[Injection molding process] HDPE profile pipe has a wide range of applications, from reusable thin-walled beverage cups to 5gsl cans, which consumes 1/5 of domestic HDPE. Injection molding grades usually have a melt index of 5 to 10, and some grades have toughness and lower fluidity, while higher grades have processability. Uses include thin-walled packaging for daily necessities and food; durable food and paint cans; high environmental stress crack resistance applications, such as small engine fuel tanks and 90-gallon trash cans.

The melting point of HDPE profile pipe is generally 142°C and the decomposition temperature is 300°C. The adjustable range of injection temperature is relatively large. When injection molding, the general use temperature is 180℃-230℃; because it is olefin plastic, it does not absorb water, so it does not need to be dried in the production process, but in order to ensure product quality, it can be dried at 60℃ for 1 hour to discharge floating water. High melt viscosity, small aspect ratio, thin-walled products may lack glue.


The Profile HDPE Pipe provided by the company.

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