How does Krah Pipe Make Ways Into USA?
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How does Krah Pipe Make Ways Into USA?

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The Krah Pipe is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structural wall tube that is heated and wound. The wall pipe is made of high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adopts hot-winding poplar technology, and uses polypropylene (PP) single-wall corrugated pipe as the supporting structure to make a special structural wall pipe with high resistance to external pressure. Krah Pipe products can be divided into four series: PR, OP, SQ, and VW. So how did the Krah Pipe enter the US market?


  • How does Krah Pipe Make Ways Into USA?

  • The Krah Pipe provided by the company.


1. How does Krah Pipe Make Ways Into USA?

After China joined the WTO, the successful investment promotion policy enabled the rapid development of my country's industry. The Krah Pipe of our country is welcomed by the world for its high quality and low price. "Made in China" is also widely accepted in the US market.

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. imports from China in 2002 were US$124.7 billion, accounting for 10.8% of the U.S. imports that year. In terms of individual countries, China surpassed Japan by US$3.5 billion (0.3 percentage points), becoming the third largest source of imports from the United States after Canada and Mexico.

US Silicon Valley Xirlinx marketing director Tim Martin (Tim Martin) said that although there are many ways for Krah Pipe to enter the US market, the following methods are more feasible.

It is OEM first. Due to the lowest barriers in the United States, many companies in the Pearl River Delta use this channel to enter the US market with Krah Pipes, but they require manufacturers to have a certain production capacity.

Followed by special channels. Since there are only opportunistic business opportunities, the difficulty for the Krah Pipe to enter the United States through this channel is moderate. This is not a fixed market. It needs some corresponding infrastructure, a considerable understanding of the US market, and certain production capacity and technical support.

The third is distribution channels. It is difficult for Krah Pipe to enter the US market through this channel. Because the US distribution network is very mature, they provide customers with a complete set of system integration services, but once they enter, it can be said that they have entered the US market.

The fourth is retail channels. This is the most difficult channel to enter the United States. This requires a very well-known brand, which is very expensive for the brand, and also requires the sales and marketing rights of the brand manufacturer. In addition, we must also face the after-sales service of the largest sales group. Different types of Krah Pipes require different types of retailers.


2. The Krah Pipe provided by the company.

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