How to Install HDPE Pipe?
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How to Install HDPE Pipe?

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HDPE pipe is a pipe made of high-density polyethylene (English name "High Density Polyethylene", referred to as "HDPE"). HDPE pipe is a replacement product of traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe. Although HDPE was introduced in 1956, this plastic has not yet reached a mature level. This general material is constantly developing its new uses and markets. PE can be manufactured in a wide range of different processing methods. Including such as sheet extrusion, film extrusion, pipe or profile extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and rotational molding. So how to install HDPE pipe?


  • How to Install HDPE Pipe?

  • Installation Precautions.

  • The HDPE Pipe provided by the company.


1. How to Install HDPE Pipe?

HDPE pipe hot-melt connection, DN50 and below adopt hot-melt connection, DN65 and above electric-hydraulic hot-melt machine butt.

The steps of the electro-hydraulic hot melt machine are as follows:  

(1) Upper the fixture, clamp the two pipes with the fixture of the welding machine, and clean the pipe ends;

(2) Mill the connecting surface and cut the port flat with a milling cutter;

(3) Straighten, and adjust the central axis of the two pipes in a straight line;  

(4) Heating, put the heating tool of the welding machine between the two ends, apply heat and pressure;  

(5) Cool, take away the heating tool, cool for a certain period of time, and then release the pressure.


2. Installation Precautions.

In addition to the construction of HDPE pipes according to the construction specifications, the characteristics of HDPE pipes should pay attention to the following points:

(1) HDPE pipes have severe thermal expansion and contraction, so HDPE pipes should be constructed and used in an environment with little temperature difference.

(2) When the buried depth of the HDPE pipe is lower than the bottom surface of the foundation of the structure, the pipeline shall not be located within the range of compression of the foundation diffusion angle under the foundation of the structure.

(3) In areas where the groundwater level is higher than the elevation of the excavated trench bottom, the groundwater level drops to 0.3 m~0.5m below the nearest point on the trench bottom.

(4) When excavating the pipe trench, strictly control the digging depth and not disturb the undisturbed soil at the bottom of the basement. If over-excavation or disturbance occurs, replace the natural graded sand and gravel with a particle size of 0.1 m~0.5 m, and level and tam it.

(5) The HDPE pipeline foundation adopts sand gravel foundation instead of concrete foundation, with a thickness of 0.05 m-20 m, depending on the geological conditions.


3. The HDPE Pipe provided by the company.

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