How to Install Spiral Wound Pipe?
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How to Install Spiral Wound Pipe?

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Spiral wound pipe, large-diameter wound pipe, double-wall wound pipe, hollow wound pipe is a kind of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, a kind of pipe formed by wound and welding, due to its unique molding process, can produce up to diameter 3 meters of pipe, which is difficult to complete with other production processes. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) not only guarantees the product molding process and product quality due to its excellent welding performance, but also provides a variety of reliable methods for construction connection, such as electric heating welding, heat shrinking connection, etc., at the same time, this It is also an important reason why leakage rarely occurs. It is precisely for this reason that this spiral wound pipe has unique environmental protection functions that other pipes do not have. This provides a very effective method for pollution prevention and control that people are currently concerned about. So how is the spiral wound pipe installed? The spiral wound pipe provided by the company.


How to Install Spiral Wound Pipe?

The spiral wound pipe provided by the company.


How to Install Spiral Wound Pipe?

The installation of the spiral wound pipe is divided into machine installation and manual installation.

Installation steps

Equipped with equipment similar to hose water cloth wound machine. Manual installation is as follows:  

1. Rotate the middle part of the hose (wire, cable) around the middle part of the spiral wound pipe, starting from the middle part of the wound to one end of the hose (wire, cable).

2. Take one end of the hose (wire, cable) around the spiral wound pipe and locate it at the joint of the hose (wire, cable). After positioning, the spiral protective sleeve is reversed and loosened, you can move at will, and start to revolve from the middle part of the wound to the other end.

3. Wrap both ends of the spiral wound pipe around the outside of the hose (wire, cable), and the installation is complete.

Note: Multiple wires and cables can be branched for installation and use.


The spiral wound pipe provided by the company.

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