How to bend profile pipe to 90 degree?
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How to bend profile pipe to 90 degree?

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Profile pipe: It is an object with a certain geometric shape made by rolling, extrusion, casting and other processes of iron or steel and materials with certain strength and toughness (such as plastic, aluminum, glass fiber, etc.), and its uniform length is 6m . Profile pipes refer to materials manufactured in accordance with certain standards and using man-made materials for standardized and large-scale production. The profile pipe has a certain appearance size, a certain shape in section, and certain mechanical and physical properties. Profile pipes can be used alone or further processed into other manufactured products, often used in building structures, manufacturing and installation.Then how to bend profile pipe to 90 degree?


How to bend profile pipe to 90 degree?

The profile pipe provided by the company.


How to bend profile pipe to 90 degree?

It involves the hardware bending process, especially the 90° seamless bending process of the profile pipe. The two sides of the profile pipe are perpendicular to each other along their deformation vertices, one side is compressed, and the other side is pulled 90°, and the joint bending process is to use the extrusion method to make the curved part of the profile pipe uniformly stressed and deformed, and then Cutting and extruding the profile pipe of the present invention to produce a 90° seamless bending process, using the material's better fluidity and ductility characteristics, divided into three-step die extrusion molding method, can obtain 90° profile with no The seam bending effect has good appearance, size and strength, and the reproducibility is very good, which can fully meet the TV frame, tablet frame and 3C consumer products, high-end decorative frame, and the appearance, size, and strength.

The 90° bending process is carried out by using a die extrusion method, which makes each surface of the curved part of the profile pipe uniformly stressed and deformed, and then the tailor will squeeze the burrs.

The die extrusion method is divided into three steps. Set the actual size of the top outer arc at a 90 degree angle, which needs to be twisted and finally formed, to R3 to determine the specific R3 value. According to the known value of R3, gradually bend the contour to 135 degrees, and the top outer arc R1 is 1.8-2.0 times the actual R3; the second step, after relaxing the deformation stress of the profile pipe, bend to an angle of 115 degrees, and the top outer arc R2 is 1.2-1.5 times the actual R3. After the secondary deformation stress relaxation, the contour is accurately bent to a 90 degree angle.


The profile pipe provided by the company.

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