How to install krah pipes?
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How to install krah pipes?

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The installation of krah pipes is an important process that requires attention to detail and the use of specialized materials and machinery. When it comes to projects of this scale, it is important to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are met throughout the entire process.

  • Pre-installation preparation

  • Unrolling and positioning of the Krah pipe

  • Connections to other pipes and mains

  • Installation of the manhole covers

  • Testing the performance of the system

Pre-installation preparation

The pre-installation preparation of krah pipes is essential to ensure a successful installation. Before beginning the installation process, check that the work area is free from any obstructions or potential hazards. Additionally, make sure that the pipes, fittings, and other tools and materials are available, and that any safety equipment is in use. Check that the pipe size and length are appropriate for the application and that the pipe is suitable for the intended pressure and temperature. Finally, ensure that the installation site is properly ventilated, and that any necessary permits have been obtained.

krah pipe

Unrolling and positioning of the Krah pipe

The second step in the installation of a Krah pipe is unrolling and positioning it. Before you begin, ensure that the area is clear of any debris or objects that could interfere with the process. Once the area is clear, carefully unroll the pipe and position it in the area in which it will be installed. Make sure that the pipe is in its proper alignment and that there are no kinks or deformities in the pipe. For best results, take your time and carefully check the positioning of the pipe to guarantee that it is properly installed.

Connections to other pipes and mains

The third step of installing krah pipes is connecting them to other pipes and mains. This is an important step as it allows for the krah pipes to be connected to existing infrastructure, such as water mains, sewer pipes and stormwater drainage systems. It’s important to ensure the connection is secure and tight, as any leakages can lead to costly repairs. After connecting the krah pipes to other mains, it’s important to test them to ensure they are working correctly. This can be done through a series of pressure tests.

krah pipe

Installation of the manhole covers

After the installation of the krah pipe is complete, the next step is to install the manhole covers. This is an important step in the process, as the manhole covers are needed to provide access to the pipe and allow for it to be inspected and maintained. The manhole covers should be securely sealed to the pipe to ensure that the system is watertight and there are no leaks. The covers should also be checked for corrosion, rust, or any other damage that may cause a potential hazard. Care should be taken to ensure that the covers are firmly bolted in place with no gaps or crevices.

krah pipe

Testing the performance of the system

Once the krah pipes have been installed, the performance of the system must be tested to ensure it is functioning as intended. This includes testing for water tightness, strength, durability, and material compatibility. The performance testing should be done in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements and any applicable industry standards. These tests may include hydrostatic tests, pressure tests, and chemical resistance tests. All the results should be documented in detail and maintained for future reference.

krah pipe

The krah pipes are lightweight, easy to install, and have a long lifespan. Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd teaches you the correct installation method, come and contact us.





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