Introduction of HDPE Krah Machine
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Introduction of HDPE Krah Machine

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Many people don't know much about HDPE Krah Pipes, so here is an introduction to some knowledge about HDPE Krah Pipes.



1. Introduction of HDPE Krah Machine.

HDPE Krah Pipe is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structural wall pipe that is heated and wound. The wall pipe uses high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adopts hot rolled poplar technology, and uses polypropylene (PP) single-wall corrugated pipe as the supporting structure to make a special structure wall pipe with high weather resistance. External pressure. HDPE Krah Pipe products can be divided into four series: PR, OP, SQ and VW.

HDPE Krah Pipe products can be divided into four series: PR, OP, SQ and VW. Among them: PR and OP are mainly used for underground drainage pipes, SQ is mainly used for making containers or manholes, and VW is mainly used for T-tubes and elbows. The most commonly used product is the PR series. The HDPE Krah Pipe product has a smooth inner surface and a special-shaped reinforcement structure. The standard length of the HDPE Krah Pipe is 6 meters, the inner diameter of the pipe is DN300-DN4000, and all indexes of the product meet the requirements of GB/T19472. 2-2017 B-type structural wall pipe standard and EN-13476 European standard.

The performance characteristics of HDPE Krah Pipe are as follows:

(1) The HDPE Krah Pipe is formed by hot rolling, and the weld quality is high. The flat U-shaped strip in the molten state extruded from the die of the extruder is evenly wound on the heated roller die at a predetermined position to ensure the structural wall quality of the pipe weld. Especially in the structural design, the welding seam of the flat bar is covered by the support tube coated with polyethylene, thereby improving the resistance of the product to the overall external pressure.

(2) The HDPE Krah Pipe has excellent installation performance. HDPE Krah Pipe connection adopts plug-in connection technology of electric fuse embedded in the socket of the same material, and the connection quality is high. The HDPE Krah Pipe can be 100% leak-free, ensuring the service life and operational safety of the pipeline system. At the same time, because the product is lighter than other pipelines under the same application conditions, it is convenient to transport, convenient and quick to construct, and can reduce construction costs. Within the scope of application, the concrete cushion and concrete pipe foundation trench shall not be used directly after being qualified. Basically, the HDPE Krah Pipe can be excavated, launched and backfilled at the same time, which simplifies the construction procedure and shortens the construction period. In the project acceptance, the closed water test is used instead of the closed water test, which not only speeds up the acceptance, but also saves the tedious work of the closed water test and a lot of test costs.


2. The HDPE Krah Pipe provided by the company.

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