The process of Krah Pipe Production
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The process of Krah Pipe Production

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The Krah Pipe Production is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structural wall tube that is heated and wound. The wall pipe is made of high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adopts hot-winding poplar technology, and uses polypropylene (PP) single-wall corrugated pipe as the supporting structure to make a special structural wall pipe with high resistance to external pressure. Krah Pipe Production products can be divided into four series: PR, OP, SQ, and VW. So what is the production process of Krah Pipe Productions?


  • The process of Krah Pipe Production.

  • The performance characteristics of Krah Pipe Production

  • The Krah Pipe Production provided by the company.


1. The production process of Krah Pipe Production

Krah Pipe Production (HDPE winding structure wall B-type pipe) is a high-density polyethylene large-diameter winding reinforced pipe produced by a thermal winding molding process. The 190 ℃ flat strip and U-shaped strip extruded from the die of the extruder are evenly wound on the heated steel roller mold at a predetermined position, and after natural cooling, the quality of the pipe welding seam is guaranteed. Especially in the structural design, the welding seam of the flat strip is covered by the covering support tube, which also improves the quality of the tube welding seam and the overall resistance to external pressure of the product.

The main production process of Krah Pipe Production:

(1) Winding: The molten HDPE flat strip and the PP-coated circular reinforcing ribs are simultaneously wound on a steel mold heated to a predetermined temperature.

(2) Cutting: The pipe socket and socket are machined to standard size.

(3) Demoulding: The pipe is separated from the mould.

(4) Finishing: Make the appearance smooth and standard.

(5) Electric fuse embedded: socket pre-embedded electric fuse

(6) Weighing and inspection: to determine the product status.


2. The performance characteristics of Krah Pipe Production

(1) Krah Pipe Production is hot-winded and formed with high weld quality.

(2) Excellent installation performance of the Krah Pipe Production. The pipe connection adopts the pre-embedded electric fuse in the socket of the same material socket electric fusion connection technology, and the connection quality is high.

(3) The Krah Pipe Production has good flexibility. The high-density polyethylene winding structure wall pipe has good macroscopic flexibility, and the local pipe section has strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, which can ensure the safety of traffic when used on roads with over-heavy loads.

(4) HDPE can be recycled and reused, and it is the main raw material of the green and environmentally friendly product winding structure wall pipe.

(5) Krah Pipe Production is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a service life of 50 years. The high-density polyethylene has strong resistance to chemical corrosion and erosion.

(6) The inner wall of the Krah Pipe Production has low roughness and large water delivery.


3. The Krah Pipe Production provided by the company.

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