What are the characteristics of the tank winding machine?
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What are the characteristics of the tank winding machine?

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This technology of HDPE / PP spiral tank winding machine production tanks ensures the strength and reliability of the fuel tank and is used in many industries. Even so, the HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine is still a strange thing for the public. Do you know what a tank winding machine is, what is it specific?


Content Lists:

1 What is a tank winding machine?

2 How to make fiberglass tanks?

3 What are the characteristics of the tank winding machine?

4 Structure of tank winding machine

5 tank winding machine application


What is a tank winding machine?

As a high-tech electromechanical device, the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine also be used to manufacture winding molded tanks and containers similar to horizontal FRP tanks. However, this product produces vertical large products with a diameter of 4 to 25 meters at the customer's site. Equipped with a thermosetting resin filament roving device, the filament is spirally wound around the rotating mandrel to ensure stable and durable products.

The vertical filament winding machine is a wound structure layer of the FRP tank.


Tank Winder It shows three yellow vertical FRP tanks with spiral ladders.

The steel HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine manufacture large tanks with spiral ladders on site, and the color of the tank tank be customized.


How to make fiberglass tanks?

Glass fiber tanks are actually glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) - that is, they are glass-reinforced plastic tanks, similar to steel-reinforced concrete.


There are two ways to make these tanks: the chopper method and the filament winding method.


Using the chopper method, the manufacturer uses a metal mold to form the sides, top and bottom of the tank. They do this by passing a continuous bundle of glass fibers through a chopper gun that cuts the glass into 3 to 5 inch pieces. At the same time, the spray gun mixes the liquid resin and hardener with the glass as it leaves the spray gun.


Filament winding method. A second option for making fiberglass tanks is called filament winding. In this way, the glass is wrapped around the rotating tank mold as a long continuous glass mat from the spool. The bottom of the tank has been attached to the side wall. Some companies manually apply a fiberglass mat around the seam created by two pieces. Rather than mixing the resin and hardener with the glass, the filament winding method adds resin only to the bottom of each layer. The roller presses the fiberglass mat in place and removes air bubbles. The number of layers of resin and glass in the finished tank depends on its size.


What are the characteristics of the tank winding machine?

1. Small coverage area saves space.

2. Single structure for easy installation.

3. Precise control of mandrel rotation, trolley movement and winding process.

4. Equipped with a two-wire roving feeder for reciprocating crossover and hoop winding.

5. Good laminate design, high quality products, excellent corrosion resistance, axial strength and leakage resistance.

6. Easy to operate - just enter the data into the PC control system.

7. Low energy consumption, high productivity, low maintenance and low production costs.


Structure of tank winding machine

1. The track of the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine.

2. Rotate the mandrel.

3. Resin bath.

4. Filament roving feeder.

5. Tour guides.

6. Optional resin mixing and transport unit.

7. Optional devices include resin pre-accelerated stirred tanks, pneumatic filament short-cutting spray guns, resin pumps and catalyst flow meters.


What are the advantages of a tank winding machine?

Microcomputer control system, high precision.

Multiple motion control - manual, semi-automatic or automatic control.

Various winding modes - spiral winding, circular winding and cross winding

Easy to operate, as long as the user input parameters.

Maintain low consumption of raw materials and low energy consumption.

Help improve students through experienced tank production technology

Fully automatic chord course, reduce labor costs.

Easy to install, adjust and maintain


Tank winding machine application

The purpose of the tank winding machine varies according to the type and application field. Its main objectives are:


1. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics, electrical appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical, food, beverages, building materials industries, pallet packing is suitable for HDPE/PP spiral winding machine (such as: using F bulk cargo container transport and with bulk pallet packaging, etc.) can improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce the loss in the process of shipment. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof and low packing cost.


2. All HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine are suitable for winding machines that are light, high and unstable products or overweight goods after stacking, thus realizing the winding and packaging of goods. The machine is flexible in installation, can be put on the wall, or fixed by the bracket, and can be connected with the conveying line to meet the needs of pipeline operation.


3. Suitable for sealing packaging of F cylindrical products. It is suitable for HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine in paper making, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries. The rotary wheel drives the cylinder to rotate the goods, and the two power idlers on the rotary wheel drive the white rotation of the cylindrical goods, so as to realize the winding machine for completely wrapping and packaging the goods, which can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the losses in the loading process. It has good dustproof and moisturizing effect.


4. HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine used in paper making, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries drives the white rotation of drum objects through two power idler wheels on the rotary table, and then realizes the radial cylinder wrapping and packaging of winding machine. It is suitable for spirally wrapping round surfaces of drum - like objects. It can improve the logistics efficiency, reduce the loss in the loading process, and has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduce the packaging cost.


5. In the plastic profile, aluminum profile, plate, tube, dyeing and textile industry, the tank winding machine refers to the rotating motion of the goods moving evenly on the horizontal surface through the rotating arm system, while adjusting the expansion force of the package. Through the stretching mechanism, the material packages the object into a solid whole, and forms a spiral winding machine on the surface of the object, which can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the loading process. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof and low packing cost.


6. Specially designed for packing luggage or small items at the airport, the canister winding machine can prevent luggage damage, replacement and damage, thus playing the role of protecting luggage in the process of transportation.


7. Used in clothing, electrical appliances, chemical fiber and other industries. It drives the goods to rotate through the rotary table, and then realizes the canister winding machine used for winding and packing the goods. Suitable for packaging single or multiple small items. It can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the loss in the process of transportation. It has the packing cost of dustproof, moisture-proof and falling paper.


In short, it is the role of the tank winding machine in various fields. In addition, the market development prospect of tank winding machine is also favored by all walks of life. With the increasing importance of packaging machinery manufacturers to develop fast, low-cost packaging equipment, equipment to small, flexible, multi-purpose, efficient direction. The market of tank winding machine is paid more and more attention in practical production. The trend also includes time savings and cost reductions. Therefore, the packaging industry is pursuing portfolio, simple and mobile packaging equipment. In the field of packaging machinery automation, automation procedures have been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data acquisition systems..


Knowing the characteristics of the HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine, you can better understand why it has such superior performance and why it can be applied to so many industries. If you are looking for a HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine with guaranteed quality and a very reasonable price, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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